Jensen is 4 months Today!

It gets harder and harder to believe with each passing month how much she is growing and changing.  This month has been filled with LOTS of noises….laughing and babbling with lots of chewing on her hands and slobber!!  She is also VERY close to rolling from her back to her belly.  She mastered the belly to back weeks ago, but we read it is harder for babies to go from back to belly and usually doesn’t happen until around 7 months of age.  We’ll see, but I think Jenbug might make it over before that!  Check out daddy’s blog to see Jensen’s 4 month photo in the snow!!

Here are some photos from the last few days.  My little girl is growing up soooo fast.

Congratulations to my cousin Megan who had her little girl today, Sophia!  Jensen is a big cousin now!  Can’t wait until these two little girls meet.  They are exactly 4 months apart!


Jensen’s First Christmas!

Jensen’s first Christmas was a white one!  We have over 9 inches of snow on the ground and it is still snowing!!  Our lucky little lady got to spend Christmas with both sets of her grandparents and her great-grandma June (here all the way from Denver!)

Our first celebration was on Christmas Eve with grandma and grandpa Schauner.  We were all so surprised how excited Jensen was to open up her presents!

We spent Christmas day at grandma and grandpa Dankert’s.  We had great food and opened more presents!

Beautiful ladies in Red

We had such a wonderful Christmas with all the family!  We are so blessed and grateful!!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Tommy’s 24th B-day

On Friday Tommy (Rachel’s boyfriend) turned 24.  Rachel planned a dinner last night at “Smoke Box”, yummy BBQ, for a few friends.  It was a lot of fun and good food!  We were hoping to watch the Shockers beat Texas Tech (woohoo!), but they didn’t have the game 😦

Our group of 10, sat in the bar and Rachel made a delicious cake for dessert.  Hope you had a great birthday Tommy!!!

The Birthday Boy and Rachie!

Jensen stayed with grandma and grandpa while we went to dinner, but I couldn’t resist posting some photos of her from earlier this week!

Back To Work.

Sadly, my return back to work from maternity leave came this past Monday.  It was hard to leave the house knowing I wasn’t going to be back for several hours, but somehow mommy survived and actually had a very productive day at work!  Aunt Rachel is watching Jensen for me this week for a few hours in the morning until Drew comes home.  As you can see from the photos, Jensen is not only surviving without mommy, she is having a great time with aunt Rachel (and today, uncle Tommy as well)!!

And she must have had a day like mommy’s because she passed out on the floor with her arms stretched out to her sides!  I hope to join her in Dream Land soon!!!


Ahhhhhhhh…..Sunday night. We are wrapping up a very exciting and eventful weekend. First, grandma and grandpa Schauner came up to visit. They got here on Saturday around noon so Drew and I decided to make homemade pizza (YUM!) for all of us! After eating lunch and playing with Jensen, we all decided to load up in the Jeep and head out to do some Christmas shopping! Of course grandma couldn’t help herself and bought Jenbug the cutest little Christmas sleeper and bib.

We then came back to the house and Drew set up for a family photo. It worked out perfect that grandma and grandpa brought just the right clothes for a great color combination with all of us! After eating Jimmy John’s for dinner (YUMMY!!!), we went back home and Drew made a Christmas card out of our family photo. Grandma and grandpa now have a Christmas card to send to family and friends!!!

Today, we said “bye” to grandma and grandpa until we see them again at Christmas. We then met up with some really good friends of ours for lunch. Jimmy, Hollie and their adorable 14 month old son, Ryder were in KC for the weekend visiting family. We were so happy we got to spend some time with them before they headed back to Wichita.
Tonight, I got presents wrapped, new ornaments put on the tree, laundry done and made Drew and I spaghetti and a salad for dinner and a cake for dessert!!

Now we will wrap up our night cheering on the Eagles on Sunday night football. Jenbug, it’s time for bed baby girl!!!

Bath Time

We were told by many when Jensen was born that she would either love or hate baths – and our little Jenbug loves them!  As she has gotten older, she is more aware of what is happening and will smile and even coo/babble during her bath!  She has discovered the little temperature ducky too and just stares at him like “who are you?”

Here are some photos of daddy giving J-boogie a bath

Jensen is 3 months!!!!

Drew took the most beautiful pictures of Jensen in her Christmas dress!  We got a real tree this year, which makes the house smell sooo good.  We got it all decorated and we figured it would be a great background for J’s three month photo shoot.  Drew has created a very nice Christmas card out of the photo as well and I should be getting them in the mail sometime this week – can’t wait to send them out!!

Our Thanksgiving

Our day started off when Drew got home from work around 9AM (he usually works until noon, but got off work early because of the holiday – gotta love t.v.!)  I love watching the Macy’s Day parade and when I put Jensen on Drew’s back, she started watching the parade too!  It was so funny I had to take a picture…

For the last few years, Laura and I have taken turns hosting Thanksgiving.  This year the family headed to Laura and Kris’ house for a wonderful and delicious meal!

We started with appetizers: veggies & ranch dip (my favorite!), deviled eggs & assorted chocolate covered goodies!

For dinner: Turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes (sweet and mashed), ham, green bean casserole, corn, brocoli/cheese/rice casserole & rolls

For dessert: homemade pumpkin pie, german chocolate pie – If you’ve never had this before, you are missing out – and apple cake.

Of course I had to sample EVERYTHING and believe me EVERYTHING was sooooo yummy!!!

It was great to spend the day with the whole family.  Here are some photos of everyone hanging out before dinner.

Mom & Rachel

Tommy & Rachel

Kris & Laura

Lynette & Dave

Mom & Dad

The Johnson Clan

Jensen & Grandma

Friday afternoon we headed to Wichita to spend the weekend with my in-laws – and I absolutely love them!!  We ate some great food, played with Jensen and helped grandma put up her Christmas tree!  Jensen sat in her boppy near the tree and I showed her all the ornaments before grandma and Drew hung them on the tree – she was fascinated and sat and watched the whole time!

The beautiful Christmas Tree

Grandma Schauner and Jensen

Grandpa Schauner and Jensen

Great Grandma Seymore with Jensen

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our family and hope all of you did as well!!