Happy Birthday Dave!!

Lynette’s boyfriend, Dave, turned 30 on January 28th.  To celebrate, Lynette planned a birthday party for him and all his friends.

Dave has been dating Lynette now for roughly 7 months.  He has already been involved in many family get-togethers and celebrations including welcoming Jensen into the world, attending our amazingly fun halloween party (well, Jenbug’s party!), celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas and coming to countless get-togethers.  Saturday night, we all got to come together to celebrate his birthday!

30 isn’t just any birthday.  It is quite an accomplishment!  Saying “goodbye” to your 20’s…….not sure I’m quite ready for this.  Guess I better start preparing since both Drew and I will also be celebrating the big 3-0 in September and October!

Until about 7 months ago, I was always the oldest “kid” around here, yes, Drew is 1 month and 4 days younger than me and he never lets me forget it.  Now, with Dave in our family, he is the oldest!!!!  Woohoo! And he has me beat by 8 months!  HA!  I am gladly handing the title of “oldest” kid in the family to Dave.  Please enjoy it…..old man!!!

Here are some pictures from our celebration last night.  Fun times, fun people, good food and a very exciting college basketball game between KU and KSU (Dave’s team)…..sorry KSU lost, but it was a great game!!

Dave, from all of us to you: Happy Birthday and many more years of fun, laughter, love and celebrations!!!!!!!

Birthday Boy

Birthday boy with the ladies

Birthday boy with his lady

Tommy and I had to take this picture because of our matching outfits!


Jensen is 5 Months!!

Hard to believe that this past Tuesday, Jensen turned 5 months. It seems like yesterday that we were in the hospital getting ready to have her. I knew that time would “fly”, but I don’t think I was prepared for just how fast it would happen. Jensen is smiling, laughing, rolling, reaching out for toys and people, eating “real” food, making “real” stink in her diaper 🙂 and sleeping through the night (well, most nights!) Jensen definitely puts life and what is important into perspective. We feel so very fortunate to have her in our lives and love to spend every waking minute with her. She is responding much more to other people and put on quite the show for the family the other night at my parents. She was yelling, laughing and babbling to her grandma, grandpa, aunt Laura, aunt Rachel and her uncle Kris. It was the cutest thing!!
Our family is very excited because we found out this past Wednesday that Kris and Laura will be welcoming a little baby girl in June!!!! Jensen and baby girl Johnson will only be 10 months apart and we hope they will be very close (if they are anything like their mom’s, they will be!) We are looking forward to a very healthy, happy and exciting 2010!!

Here are some pictures of my baby girl. Don’t forget to check out Drew’s website drewschauner.com/blog to see Jensen’s 5 month photo shoot – too cute!!! Enjoy!

Special Visitors

We were so happy to spend some time this weekend with Molly, her mom and Molly’s 15 month old her daughter Elena!!  We first had dinner at my mom and dad’s on Friday night.  Elena had us all cracking up because she was all about sitting in Jensen’s car seat!

We all had a really nice time visiting, eating good food and of course taking lots of pictures!!

Elena and Molly

Aunt Lynette and Aunt Laura with Jensen

Grandma and Jensen

We also got to have a play date for Elena and Jensen before Molly and Elena headed back to Wichita.  Molly bought the cutest outfit for Jensen for when she was a newborn.  Molly had also purchased a matching outfit for Elena.  We thought it would be really cute to take pictures of them together in their matching outfits!  Somehow, Jensen still managed to fit into hers (well, the pants were high waters and the jacket showed off her cute little belly!)  They were so cute together!  It will be so fun to continue to watch the two of them grow up.  They are 11 months apart, so it won’t be long before Jensen is running around with Elena and getting into trouble!!

We really enjoyed seeing you girls this weekend!  Can’t wait to see you again!!

First Veggie

My sweet baby girl has been eating oatmeal and rice for the past month or so.  She loves the oatmeal and has gotten to the point of opening her mouth big and wide for every bite!  Saturday, Drew and I decided to let Jensen try her first vegetable.  I plan to puree fresh fruits and vegetables for her, but thanks to my sisters and the wonderful baby shower they threw for me, I have a few jars of baby food that I figure I should use before they go to waste.  One of the jars I had was squash, so I decided we would try this one out first!  So, with daddy behind the camera, we went for it…….needless to say we are still trying to get used to the squash!!  She is too funny!

Slobber Mess.

This past month, Jensen has been very busy with putting EVERYTHING in her mouth!!! She loves to reach out and grab hair, fingers, jewelry, toys, books, cups, anything and everything tangible. Of course once she gets a hold of what she wants, it goes DIRECTLY into her mouth and the slobber mess begins!

Jensen got an ExerSaucer (among other things) from her GMA and GPA Schauner at Christmas and at first didn’t know what to think of it.  Now, she is all about it and loves to play with all the toys that surround her when she is in it!  She is sooooo funny too because some of toys can’t be removed and she gets upset when she can’t put them in her mouth!!!  The other day I took some photos of her playing in it.  She concentrates so well and is learning how all of the toys spin, stack and reflect.  It is so neat to watch her explore the world around her!

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

So, I had mentioned previously that Jensen has been rolling from her belly to her back for a while now, but not the other way.  Well, this past Sat. she learned how to roll from her back to her belly!  It is so cute to watch because she gets so excited when she does it – she starts kicking her little legs!  Sometimes she is quick to flip and other times, like in this video, she makes a few attempts before making it all the way over.  Either way, it is exciting to watch!  I don’t think we are far from a kid on the go!!!

Family Heirloom.

When I was a little girl, my mom showed me my baby ring that had been passed down to me from my father.  When Jensen was born, my grandma wanted to make sure that my baby ring was passed down to Jensen.  After talking with my grandma I found out that the tradition started with Jensen’s great-great grandpa.  The ring has been passed down to “first-borns” from there.  So, my grandma, my dad, me and now Jensen.  Jensen will then be in charge of passing the ring to her first born.  Of course Jensen doesn’t wear the ring, I keep it in her room on a shelf, but I did get a picture of the ring on her finger.

Lynette and I were given the Bible Story Library when we were little girls from our grandpa Green.   This collection belonged to our great-grandpa Green.  These books are still in really good condition for how old they are.  I loved looking through and reading each book as a child.  Jensen now has this collection on her book shelf.

And of course I can’t go posting about heirlooms without sharing a picture of Jensen’s great-grandma June.  My grandma June is generous, kind, loving and fabulous!  I’m so glad Jensen has been able to spend some time getting to know her!