Yard Work.

Drew and I decided since it was such a beautiful day (and the fact that we are hosting the Easter celebration on Sunday) we would share some lovin’ with our yard!  And what a great day for it!  We put Jensen in her stroller and picked up leaves, trimmed bushes and mowed the yard…..well, Drew did most of the work while I went for a run around the block and entertained Jensen!

Jensen loved being outside for most of the afternoon.  I snapped some pictures of daddy working hard and little miss Jensen soaking up the sun!

Daddy working hard

Jensen relaxing!

Nice work!

Jensen says, “I’m pooped!”


7 Months.

It is hard for me to believe another month has passed and little J is another month older.  We are now closer to her 1 year birthday than her birth.  Jensen has been busy this past month.  She is making progress with her crawling.   She is still working on her technique and with each day, she gets so much closer to an organized crawl!  She is also clapping her hands – which is a recent accomplishment and one of the cutest things I have ever seen!  She gets so excited and smiles so big!  Also within the past month, Jensen caught and fought off her first cold. 😦  Needless to say, we are all happy to be back to “normal” especially sleeping through the night.  Jensen is still diggin’ the oatmeal with bananas and pretty much all other fruits and vegetables (except peas).  We introduced Jensen to chicken and ham this month – neither are her favorites.  We are still trying with the chicken, but I can barely handle the smell of the baby food ham, so we gave up on that one!  Jensen gets really excited to play pat-a-cake and sing the ABCs with her play along puppy!

Make sure to check out Drew’s blog in the next few days.  Lots of big changes taking place with the photo biz!!  Drew will have some of J’s 7 month photos posted soon!

She is LOVES to “crawl” to these books!  It is so funny.  My little scholar!!


I know….it has been a while since I last posted, I’m sorry!  Things have been a little crazy the last couple of weeks around here.  Jensen caught her first cold last week 😦  She was miserable with lots of congestion and a runny nose so of course she was not sleeping well either.  After some nasal saline drops, Motrin and a humidifier, we are almost back to normal around here (well except for the fact that Drew now has a cold and only seems to be getting worse.) 😦  Thankfully she never had a fever, her eating habits stayed the same and she was a relatively happy baby!

Before dinner tonight, Jensen and I were playing with her rings.  I left her to go eat dinner and as I was eating, I noticed she was still sitting in front of the rings and moving her arms and hands in a clapping motion.  I immediately ran over to her, stacked her rings and started clapping all the while saying “YAY”!!!   As I did this, she started clapping and smiling!  What a sweet baby girl.  I yelled for Drew and we both watched in amazement.  She is growing so fast and learning so much everyday.  I think I get more excited about her new movements then she does!!!!!

Here is some video Daddy grabbed of her new accomplishment!!!

6 Month Check-up.

Jensen got to see Dr. Myers and nurse Nicole yesterday for her 6 month check-up!  Both were very excited to see Jensen and were very impressed with how J is growing!  Jensen showed off her abilities to sit up on her own and join in on the conversation with lots of babbling, yelling and smiling.  Dr. says we can now introduce pureed meats to the feeding schedule- I love giving J new foods and then watching the cute little faces she makes!  It made me a little sad when the Dr. mentioned we can buy her a “big girl” carseat anytime now (still have to keep it rear facing)…..where is time going????!!

Jensen also got 4 shots yesterday 😦   Nicole was not excited about having to give our little cutie her shots!  Jensen cried so hard (I almost lost it), but I picked her up immediately after Nicole was done and Jensen quit crying almost instantly – impressing all of us. 

Jenbug is 13 lbs 11 oz which is the 10-25 percentile.  She is a little over 24 inches long (can’t remember the %) and her head is in the 50th % (can’t remember the number).  Dr says Jen is growing beautifully and hopefully we won’t have to go back to see Dr Myers or Nicole again until Jen’s 9 month check-up (a shot-free visit….yay!!!)

Nett’s 28th B-Day!

One of my little sisters, Lynette, turned 28 last Thursday, March 4th.  For her birthday, her best friends from Wichita came in town for the weekend to hang out with her.   We all went out on Friday night to Power and Light to celebrate!  Here are some photos from the evening…….

FINALLY, everyone is ready to take pictures and head out!  You wouldn’t believe how long it takes to look beautiful!!!

Best Friends: Lindsay, Molly, Lynette


Guy with a sheep skin wrap that Lynette and Lindsay were dying to take a picture with…yet I had to ask him for them!

Cute Couple



On Sunday, the family went to Mom and Dad’s for lunch and birthday cake! It was such a beautiful day!  We spent most of the time outside soaking up some sun!


B-day Girl with mom trying to give her bunny ears, but she was too late, so now it looks like she is super excited to give the “peace” sign.

Happy 28th Birthday Nett!  We love you so much!!!