Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad’s (Jensen’s grandpa) birthday! My dad has been captivated by his first granddaughter since the day she was born…..and I believe the same has been true for Jensen! She just loves to smile and babble to him when he’s around. These pictures are my absolute favorite. Jensen was about 3 weeks old and she would just stare at and listen to her grandpa as he would hold her and talk to her!

We love you so much and hope you have a great birthday!!!


Kansas City Kite Festival.

Saturday was a GORGEOUS day for a kite show!!  The kite show was hosted at Longview Community College Campus which is about 10 minutes from our house.  Grandma Schauner was in town this weekend, so all four of us packed up and spent the afternoon enjoying the show!  Of course, daddy took his camera and got some really great pictures and has posted some on his blog (berberhouse.com), but I also took my camera and got some pictures as well.  The festival had music and a DJ, lots of yummy food and of course lots of spectators.  We couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon to hang out as a family and enjoy the beautiful weather and the variety of kites!

All Things New.

What a beautiful and exciting weekend we have had!  Yesterday we took Jensen to the KC Zoo!!  For her first time there, I’m not really sure she knew what to think.  She did a lot of people watching that’s for sure!  I pointed out several different animals to her….the monkeys, tigers, birds, kangaroos, elephants, but she was more fascinated by all the little children around her!  Of course, daddy took all the pictures at the Zoo, so I will post about our Zoo trip later this week.

So what new things is Jensen up to you ask?   Well, she is now crawling ALL OVER THE PLACE!  She has it down and there is no stopping her now!  In fact, daddy had to stay home with her a couple days this past week and one day when I came home our new baby gate was up and in full operation!

And here are a couple videos capturing her new tricks….first is one with her and daddy and their newest trick……. pretty funny!

In this video I was trying to capture her saying “dada”, but of course, everytime I tried to get video of it she quit saying it!  So this is the best video I have so far, trust me, I will keep trying to get video of it, because it is so darn cute!

Easter Celebration.

Our Easter was so exciting this year with little Jensen!  Of course, I’m not sure she understood everything happening, but she certainly was excited to see everyone and loved getting her Easter bunnies….thank you aunt Laura/uncle Kris and grandma/grandpa!!

Everyone came to our house for grilled burgers, hotdogs and jalapeno/cheddar hotdogs (yum-o!), potato salad, deviled eggs, beans, chips, brownies and of course beer…..what is a gathering with this group without the beer!  Before we enjoyed the yummy food, Laura, Rachel and I stuffed all the easter eggs with an assortment of candy (which by the way was mostly chocolate!) and of course put together a few money eggs as well!!

Now our Easter egg hunt has become somewhat of a tradition for us.  After eating, mom and dad hide all the eggs, 82 to be exact, and then we pair up (couples).  Mom and dad always make each couple hold hands while running around the yard for eggs – which makes it more interesting and definitely slows us down!  Once the eggs were hidden, we were off!  Eggs were hidden all over the front and back yard.  Little miss Jensen hung out with grandma watching all of us run around the yard like crazies!  Next year, it will be so fun to include her!!

It was really fun, but pretty warm outside, so when we were done, everyone was exhausted.  Here is how it ended up:

1. Lynette and Dave – 26 eggs – pretty impressive since apparently Dave “bit it” while running around the yard.

2. Rachel and Tommy – 21 eggs – but they did win the big money egg – whatever!

And tied for 3rd……

3. Laura and Kris – 17 eggs – no money eggs 🙂

3. Steph and Drew – 17 eggs – but we did get a money egg!!

Before everyone headed home we got a group photo.  Most likely the last group shot before little miss Ella arrives!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa!!

Today is grandpa Schauner’s Birthday!  Yesterday, I had this idea in my head that I would create a “Happy Birthday Grandpa” sign and take pictures of Jensen with it.  So……I found our construction paper and got busy drawing bubble letters, cutting them out and gluing them to construction paper.  I was pretty proud of my work and couldn’t wait to take the pictures today!

Well, we had to act fast, but daddy and I got a few pictures before Jensen crumpled, smashed and slobbered all over it!  In fact, by the time Drew was ready to take pictures, it didn’t take long for Jensen to tear the “y” off of the “Happy” sign.  Oh well, I’m sure that grandpa is going to love it!!!

Happy Birthday!  We love you!!