Rockin’, Bouncin’, Ridin’ and Playin’.

Jensen on her rocking horse.  Mom and I picked this up at a thrift store for $4….great find!!

Jensen on her bouncing turtle she got from her great grandma June at Christmas!  She is finally big enough to sit on it and enjoy it!

Mommy and daddy bought Jensen her big girl car seat yesterday!  So far, I think she likes it.  I must say, it looks really comfortable.  I wish I had one!

Jensen enjoying some play time without her dress!  You’ll see why in her 10 month photos shoot which will be posted on daddy’s blog!


Boogie Down Now!!

Jensen movin’ to the beat……love it!

10 Months.

Tomorrow (Sat., June 26th) Jensen Michelle is going to celebrate her 10 month milestone.  Jenbug makes me smile everyday and I find myself telling Drew all the time that I feel “so lucky” to have her in our life.  In honor of her big 10 month milestone I thought it fitting to share 10 things about her….along with some photos of course!

1.  She absolutely LOVES to boogie!!! Music with good dance beats are her favorite, but any song can make her move!  Her moves have drawn attention from her babysitter, grandparents, and even strangers….oh yes, she will boogie in her highchair to music at the local Applebees without hesitation!!   That nickname “J-boogie” daddy gave her shortly after she was born fits her perfectly.

2.  She LOVES to give kisses!  And it’s the big, open mouth kiss too!!  She gives kisses to mommy, daddy, grandma, stuffed animals, books, the monkeys on her wall, and herself.  How to herself you might ask?!  Well, when she sees herself in the mirror, she goes right in with an open, slobber mouth to kiss that pretty baby!

3. She LOVES to see herself.  We often will look through the picture book with pics of her from when she was born to now and she will just smile, babble and laugh.  She prefers to look at herself in any mirror though.  Mommy has put her in front of the mirror since she was itty bitty……well, I’m sorry, she is adorable…she should know it!!

4. She LOVES water.  Bath time or pool time, it doesn’t really matter.  Recently, daddy gave her a bath in the big tub instead of her baby bath and she did quite well.  She kept trying to stand up though so daddy decided to keep using the baby bath a little while longer, but she is ready to play in more space!!  At the pool, she will laugh and babble to all the other kids playing.  We are excited to spend more time at the pool this summer!

5. She LOVES to feed herself.  She does really well holding her own bottle.  We are transitioning to more of the sippy cup vs. bottle, but she prefers to hold both by herself.  Also, she prefers to pick up her own food and feed herself.  At times, she will refuse food unless she can pick it up herself…”ok, bossy….sheesh….where does she get that from?!” 🙂

6. She LOVES to stand….and walk.  She pulls up onto everything!  We have to keep the coffee tables clear of junk or it ends up on the floor or in her mouth!  Over the past few weeks she has been taking more steps independently, so we’re thinking it won’t be long before she is walking on her own.  As for now, she prefers to walk with Drew and I or with her push toys!!

7. She LOVES books.  Grandma Schauner got her some books that have pages that flip open and Jensen LOVES them!  When we read them, which is daily, she has to help flip the flap open.  She also likes Elmo and has to give him a kiss at the end of the story everytime!

8. She LOVES to go on walks around the neighborhood.  She will get all sprawled out and comfy in her stroller, breeze blowing through her hair and watch as we go around the lake.  Occasionally, she has fallen asleep from the calming sounds outside.

9. She LOVES to clap.  And she likes for us to clap for her when she walks or dances.  It is so funny because we play pat-a-cake and she plays along through the clapping, but won’t do any of the “roll em up” and “toss em in the pan” yet!

10. She LOVES having cousins!  Jensen was at the hospital to help welcome first cousin Ella three weeks ago tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be fun because we are going to hang out with Ella and the rest of the family, so daddy will take lots of pics I’m sure!  Jensen also has two second cousins, Joshua (5 years old) and Sophia (6 months tomorrow).  Sophia visited about a couple months ago and Joshua will be visiting us in about 3 weeks!

Father’s Day

I would like to say Happy Father’s Day to my dad – thanks for all you do for the family, I love you!

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband – Jensen is so lucky to have you as her daddy.  I feel so blessed to have you in my life and I look forward to raising my family with you!

I would also like to extend a Happy Father’s Day to all the other dads that I know.  I hope your day was shared with those that you love!