What a fabulous visit we had over the last few days with grandma June, aunt Tammy and little cousin Joshua!¬† And of course, time flew by and before we knew it, it was time to say “bye for now” ūüė¶

They traveled to us from Denver, CO and we all feel incredibly lucky to have spent some much needed time with all of them.¬† I know Jensen won’t remember the events of the past weekend, but no worries….I took plenty of pictures to remind her when she is older!

So I share with you some pics from our wonderful time with family.  To grandma June, Aunt Tammy and cousin Joshua: We love all of you more than we could ever express in words.  Thank you for coming to spend time with us.  We all look forward to the next time we are all together!!  Hugs, kisses and lots of LOVE from Kansas City!!!!


Jensen & Joshua.

Jensen’s five year old cousin came all the way from Denver this past weekend to see us.¬† The weekend was filled with lots of laughter, hugs, kisses, playing and of course picture taking!¬† Check out these two “peas in a pod.”

We love you Joshua!¬† Can’t wait to see you again!!

Happy 4th of July!

For Father’s Day, my sisters and I decided to purchase our husbands/boyfriends a golfing trip and yesterday was the big day. ¬†The guys loaded up and headed off to a full day of golf while all of us girls – including Jensen and Ella – packed up for a trip to the pool! ¬†We made sure to bring a big umbrella for miss Ella Jaye so she would be extra shaded from the sun. ¬†Jensen usually has a great time at the pool, but because it wasn’t a real hot day and the fact that the pool was EXTREMELY cold, she whined quite a bit when she was in the water so…….Laura and I took turns dipping into the pool while the other one watched the baby girls!

Rachel spent most of her time working on her beautiful tan!

Lynette and Tommy played catch in the pool.  Oh ya, Tommy hung out with us girls yesterday too because he did not want to golf.  Tommy was a big help watching the babies all day.

What a fabulous day!!!