1 Year Check-Up.

Jensen is……..

17 lbs 2 oz – small yes, but when I turned one I was 16 lbs, so it is “normal” for her to be on the small side 🙂

27.5 inches tall – sorry baby girl, you also come by that naturally 🙂

44.5 cm head circumference – you know what mommy says “big head = big brains!!!” 🙂



Jensen with her favorite bath time story: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Jensen & mommy

Jensen & cousin Ella

First Haircut.

Another FIRST for Jensen…..a haircut.  Her hair was getting so long in the back that we noticed she was sporting a pretty good looking mullet!!  I scheduled her hair appointment at the salon I get my hair done at……I know, but I was too busy (and lazy) this week to put effort into finding a “kid friendly” salon.

When we got to the salon, I was nervous mostly because I didn’t know how Jensen would react to the whole process.  Thankfully, my sister, Lynette, agreed to go with us just in case mommy had to hold Jensen instead of taking pictures!

The hair stylist, Nicolette, asked if I wanted to hold Jensen or let her sit by herself.  I said “Let’s try it by herself and see how she does.”  Jensen did so well!!!!  She sat there like a big girl and really seemed to have a great time.  Nicolette let her play with a hair clip and comb and within a few minutes, we were all trimmed up!!

After the haircut, the three of us went shopping.  On our way to the mall, Jensen played it up for the camera as aunt Lynette snapped several photos.  What a goof ball!!!!

Lake Jacomo.

Last Sunday before grandma & grandpa Schauner and our niece Grace headed back to Wichita, we drove over to Lake Jacomo to enjoy the scenery.  First we stopped at the playground for some fun on the swing and other equipment.  We then went over to the bison and elk natural reserve and fed the elk some carrots!!  We then went to “sailboat” cove and took some pictures.  We started down a 1.2 mile hike, but we feared there was poison ivy everywhere so we cut it short.  Thankfully, no one suffered from any poison ivy to my knowledge.  The area around Lake Jacomo is beautiful and conveniently not far from our house!

Happy FIRST Birthday Baby Girl!!!

August 26th, 2009:

Went in for my weekly appointment and found out we were going to have our baby girl and according the the doc she would most likely be making her arrival before the day was over!

Joining me at the hospital was Drew (who left work immediately, went home and grabbed our bags and headed to the hospital), my mom, Tommy and my sisters Lynette and Rachel.

Around 5PM my dad and mother and father-in-law joined us, but no baby yet!!

Sometime between 8-9PM, the nurse checks me and tells my family it will probably be the next morning before we have the baby.

10PM: Very uncomfortable, tell Drew to call the nurse in because something isn’t right.  The nurse checks me and says “I need everyone out except the 3 people who are staying for the delivery because we are having a baby.”

It amazes me to remember back to how quickly the nurses had me ready to push.  With the help of my husband, mom and mother-in-law, I made it through the initial overwhelming/emotional/anxiety attack and pushed.

10:51PM: We welcomed Jensen Michelle Schauner into the world!  She weighed 6 lbs 12 oz was 18 inches long and had a head of dark hair.

August 26th, 2010:

Happy Birthday Jensen Michelle!  I could have never imagined how quickly our first year together would fly by, but what a wonderful year it has been!  A year of new adventures, challenges, memories, milestones and Love.  Mommy and daddy love you soooo much!

I will end this post with a poem I wrote for Jensen when she was born.


I love you kindly

I love you caringly

I love you generously

I will love you for eternity

I love you whole-heartedly

I love you endlessly

I love you undoubtedly

I will love you for eternity

I love you honestly

I love you unwaveringly

I love you limitlessly

I will love you for eternity

I love you abundantly

I love you unmistakably

I love you unconditionally

I will love you for eternity

I love you profoundly

I love you undeniably

I love you greatly

I will love you for eternity

-Mommy (Stephanie Schauner)

Beautiful Summer Day.

It was so nice outside  today that I decided J and I were going to play outside while daddy worked on editing wedding photos.

First I have to share that the outfit she is wearing was bought for her and picked out by her “uncle” Tommy.  I have to say…..nice job.  She does look pretty adorable in those plaid shorts!  Second I have to share that Jensen has definitely become “miss independent” when it comes to walking around.  She no longer wants mommy to hold her hand all the time.  She is very adventurous and will take off going after what she wants.

Lately she will say “oooh” when she sees something she wants….it cracks me up!  Here she is saying “oooh” to something she has spotted in the yard.

We had great mommy – Jensen time and the weather makes me eager for fall!!

First Birthday Party!

Jensen will be turning 1 year old this Thursday……wow, time flies.  We had her first b-day party this weekend and boy was it a lot of fun!  Jensen had a great turn out of family and friends.  We started the day off with J’s first pedicure – thanks to Aunt Rachel! Jensen was fine with the first coat of nail polish, but when aunt Rachel went to add the clear coat, Jensen got angry!  We had a minor smudge of the nail polish, but Aunt Rachel fixed it up!

Party Time!!

Aunt Laura, Uncle Kris and precious baby cousin Ella

My baby sister Rachel, thanks for all your help that weekend – love you!

It was so wonderful to see all of our family and friends (Thanks again Molly & Elena; Jimmy, Hollie & Ryder for coming up from Wichita)!  Jensen did very well playing with her buddies Elena and Ryder and loved being the center of attention.

Ryder, Jensen, Elena

The beautiful Hollie and Handsome Ryder with Jenbug and I

My beautiful “adopted” little sister Molly and adorable Elena with Jenbug and I

I love these girls and their little ones!

Then it was time for presents!

And of course the “smash” cake!!

First Birthday Bash complete!  What a memorable and great time thanks to our wonderful family and friends!  We love all of you!

Dancing & Walking.

I am behind on posting the fact that little miss independent, I mean Jensen, is walking.  She has been walking since she was about 10 & 1/2 months and is really getting around very well!  This is video of her jamming to “Hotel California” and walking around her grandma and grandpa Schauner’s living room.

Watch out world…………….

Cousins Diane, Tyler & Caitlin

Last weekend our cousins came to visit from Nebraska.  They had a busy weekend going to Oceans of Fun, shopping and of course hanging out and eating yummy food!  We spent several evening together and I had to snap a few photos of Jensen and Ella playing with their cousins Tyler and Caitlin.

Jensen also got to spend an evening with the family while Drew and I traded in the car!  Jensen appeared to have had a blast!

So glad you came to visit us.  We look forward to seeing all of you again!  Good luck Tyler with your Freshman year of high school!  Thanks Caitlin for sharing your gymnastics routine with all of us and good luck this year!!!