Last weekend was the first time ever that Jensen and I have been “home alone” overnight without Drew.  When I found out Drew was going to be doing the Bike MS ride, I called up Rachel and Tommy to see if they would want to come down and stay the night with J and I.  Of course they were very excited to come down and it happened to coincide with the Oktoberfest celebration in downtown Lees Summit……so of course we had to go…..it’s kind of a tradition since Rachel and Tommy went with Drew, Jensen and I last year when Jensen was 1 month old!

Unfortunately, it was cold and windy and none of us thought to bring any cash so…….we didn’t stay for very long.   We did stay long enough for Rachel and I to flirt with some of the firefighters and of course we loved it!  Tommy reminded me as we were walking to the car that Jensen witnessed the whole thing and I clarified that she had already forgotten all about it! 🙂

Jensen loved the wonderful breakfast Tommy made on Sunday morning – sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches…..so YUM-O!!

After breakfast Lynette and Rachel went with J and I to get J’s halloween costume!!!  For now it is a secret, but check back soon for pics!!!


BFFs: Jensen and Ella.

Couldn’t help myself…..I just had to post these pics of Jensen and Ella.  These are from my 30th b-day.  All the girls and their boys came over to our house that evening and we grilled burgers and enjoyed the weather.  It is so exciting to see both Jensen and Ella growing up together.  Jensen already shows so much affection towards Ella and baby Ella just watches everything her big cousin does!!  Ella is now realizing how loud her big cousin can be and has now started babbling back at Jensen……too cute!!

I love these baby girls with all my heart!!!!

Weekend Fun!

Jensen had a blast at the Royals game on Friday night with uncle Tommy and aunt Rachel!  The Royals lost, but it was a really pretty night and it was fun to watch Jensen have a great time!

Mommy and Jensen celebrating the fact mommy survived the 4-mile “Run for the Polar Bears” Zoo Race.

Saturday night we hung out with cousin Ella and the rest of the fam.  So much fun to see Jensen and Ella interact with each other!  Jensen will talk to baby Ella and Ella will just sit and stare at her big cousin and babble back!  Cousin Ella was on the receiving end of about 25 wet kisses from cousin Jensen by the end of the night……so cute!

Now J and I get to enjoy a day of football with daddy!!!!

30th Bday Weekend.

Yes, I turned the big 3-0 this past Friday and surprisingly it’s not as bad as I thought!  To start my weekend, Jensen and I spent some time together walking around the lake talking to the fish and ducks.  What a beautiful morning!

Drew also surprised me with a BBQ Friday night!  My sisters came over and we just hung out and grilled burgers.  What a beautiful night with my beautiful girls!!

Saturday night we went out with friends and family to Power and Light.  Our first stop was dinner at Tengo Sed Cantina and then we headed over to Shark Bar.  What a blast!!  Danced the night away with wonderful family and friends.

Thanks everyone for helping me embrace 30!!  I’m looking forward to what my 30’s has in store for me!!!