ThanksGiving 2010.

I have so much to be thankful for this year for sure.  I’m especially thankful for my family and getting to spend time with them!

This year it was my turn to host our Thanksgiving celebration.  I made the turkey, potatoes and corn and the rest of the family brought all the other yummy side dishes (green bean casserole, ham, veggie tray, cheese/cracker tray, dessert, rolls, etc).

Lynette and Dave were the first to arrive……..although too late to help me prepare the turkey for the oven!…..Thanks Drewby for assisting me with the turkey 🙂

I helped Lynette put together the veggie and cheese/cracker trays and then we hung out playing with Jensen while the boys played Madden.

The pretty flowers Drewby brought home!

“It’s an FAO Schwartz!”……..uh no, it’s just Dave being vandalized with toys!!

Once Rachel and Tommy arrived, we decided to put together our gingerbread house.  I wasn’t sure how much Jensen would get into it this year, but surprisingly she loved it!  She was so excited to help out, touch everything and of course try some of the candy!

Finished product!

Jensen with grandma and papa

Jensen in her new hat from grandma and papa

Pretty girls!

After everyone headed home, Drew and I put up the Christmas Tree!  Last year we bought a real tree and because of that, we decided this year we would buy a fake tree!  We are glad we experienced having a real tree once in our married life, but they are just too messy and cumbersome.  Now we have a tree that will last us a few years!

We then spent the weekend in Wichita visiting Drew’s side of the family!  It was so fun to get to see all the little cousins!  We also helped grandma Schauner put up her Christmas tree before we left!

We had such a wonderful time seeing family.  Very thankful, very blessed.


15 Month Check-Up.

My baby girls stats:

Weight= 18 lbs 14 oz (3rd percentile)

Height = 29.5″ (20th percentile)

Dr is happy with her growth and development 🙂

And I have to share these hilarious pics of Jensen from the other night after bathtime.  She cracks up at herself in the mirror when I dry her hair and pull the towel off…… fact she giggles in anticipation of seeing the crazy hair on the little girl in the mirror!!  Drew snapped these pics on the 3rd night in a row of this.  Cracks us all up!!!!

Playing at the Park.

Is it really November 21st?!?!?  Hard to believe it with the temp today……70 something……but I’m certainly not complaining!!

After Jensen woke up from her nap, Daddy-O and I decided to walk over to the little park not far from our house.  Now, the equipment at the park is not the most friendly for a 15 month old, but she loves to run around!!!

I think it will be a little while before I am comfortable sending Jensen down the slide.  She does go down the slide with me holding her, but she is never real excited about it.  I thought it would be a cute pic of her sitting at the bottom of the slide, but she did not agree!

And of course she always has to swing with one of us!!  She giggles and smiles from ear to ear!

And we can’t forget to ride the horsey!!

Lately she backs up to sit down on everything.  She gets lots of practice with all of the little steps in our house, but she also backs up to the edge of the play area to sit down.

A new habit as of late……….shrugging her shoulders…..cracks us up!  Right before I snapped this picture I asked her if she could smile for the camera 🙂

We certainly enjoyed our afternoon playing at the park!!



Big Girl.

CrAzY that at this time last year, Drew and I had a little baby that was not even 3 months old yet!  I have to admit I don’t miss the unpredictable sleeping pattern or the breast feedings every 3 hours.  Jensen is now at a very fun and interactive age, but it is kind of a little sad how quickly she is growing up.

She is learning so much everyday and trying to say EVERYTHING that she hears!  Lately we are practicing the following words:

Star, Go, Duck, Berry, home, dog, School bus (she says “cool”) and baby Ella (which she essentially has down pat!).

She has also added a few more animal sounds to the list:

meow for kitty cat, baa for sheep, sssssss for snake and “ccccc” for rooster.

She will also hold up one finger when asked “how old are you?.”  Yes, I am very proud of her and so excited with every new thing she learns, but I know that it means she is becoming mommy’s big girl 😦  Perhaps she is ready for a sibling?!?!?!

We are still working on the potty training.  She is using the potty at the babysitter’s everyday – going #1 and #2.  She is also using the potty after dinner here at home.  Last weekend while visiting aunt Rachel and uncle Tommy, Jensen kept going into the bathroom and pointing to and wanting to touch the toilet.  I kept trying to get her out of the bathroom but she kept going back in.  I thought to myself, there is NO WAY she would really go potty in the toilet because we have only been using her baby potty.  I decided to take off her diaper and hold her above the toilet to see what would happen.   Believe it or not, when I told her to go potty……..she did….#1 and #2!!!

I just have to post some pics of my baby girl from a year ago as I reminisce………….

And of course pics from today: Mommy’s big girl with enough hair to pull back in little pig tails!!

The Girls.

For those of you that may not know, my sister Lynette just became a Silpada Rep.  Last weekend she had her kick-off party and all of us girls got together for some wine and jewelry!!  It was nice to leave Jensen at home with daddy to nap while I spent a couple hours with the girls!

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

A very special woman who is loved by so many is celebrating a birthday today……..Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

As beautiful today as she was as a little baby!  Wish we could be with you on your birthday, but know that we love you so much and hope that you have a great birthday!!!

BOO-FEST 2010.

Our Halloween 2010 party was sooooo much fun!  This year both Laura and Drew helped me in planning the day.

First priority – the invitations!!  I did some searching around this year for examples of invitations on the internet.  I found lots of invites that I liked, but I didn’t have the patience to place an order and wait to see the finished product until it arrived in the mail.  So………I asked Drew if he would sit down with me and help to create my vision in photoshop.  After a couple hours, we ended up with an awesome invite!!

This year we again had 4 different treat stations and added a craft station.  I must credit Laura for finding the instructions for the cool “Lanterns” that were made this year!  So of course, Drew and I worked to create “recipe” cards for each of the stations and of course they had to match the theme of the invite!!!  😉

Pumpkin Pie Chex Mix

Chocolate-dipped Pretzels

Caramel Apples

Popcorn Squares


Before we got busy making treats and crafts, we hung out watching the Nebraska vs. Mizzou football game, played with Jensen and Ella and of course posed for pics!!

We had a few more guests this year (mom-in-law: Terri, Aunt Carol and cousins Diane & Caitlin) than last and we were so happy they joined us!!  Just as we did last year, partners for each station were randomly assigned by drawing out of a hat (or plastic cup!).  Dad and Laura manned the Chex mix station, Caitlin and Aunt Carol tackled the pretzel rods, Mom and Tommy teamed up for caramel apples, Lynette and Rachel hung out at popcorn squares and cousin Diane and mom-in-law Terri got dirty with the Lanterns.  (For those of you keeping track, yes, Dave, Kris and father-in-law: Scott were MIA this year 😦  Dave was at the KSU football game, Kris was working on his land and Scott was working).

As the teams got busy working, Drew and I took the little girls outside to take some pics of them in their costumes.  I must say, I was sweating trying to pose these two little girls and get them to sit still long enough without Ella falling over or Jensen getting up and walking off set!!

And the treats this year were so YUM-O!!  The chex mix and popcorn squares were a change from last year and I must say, a HUGE success!!  We will definitely be making these two again next year!

Believe it or not, I was sad when it was all over and everyone started dividing up the treats and heading home.  I immediately started thinking about next year’s party and things we can do different and things we will keep the same.  Such a wonderful time of year and certainly my favorite holiday of the year!!

We would love to have YOU as a guest next year, so keep us in mind and let me know if you would like to join us for Halloween 2011!!