Christmas 2010.

We’re finally back home in KC and things have settled a bit since our wonderful Christmas weekend!

On Wednesday, Dec. 22nd Drew and I decided to drive around the neighborhood and show Jensen all the Christmas lights!  She sat on my lap in the front seat with the seat belt over both of us (Daddy was so nervous driving around the neighborhood like this!)  Now, I figured Jensen would be old enough to enjoy the experience, but that is an understatement.  The entire 20-30 minute trip, she was pointing, “ooooh”ing, smiling, giggling, saying “ho ho ho” for all the Santa’s and looking up at me every few minutes for a kiss!!  We drove slowly, she loved it and I’m excited to do this again next year when she understands even more!!

Our Christmas fun started on Christmas Eve with Lynette and Dave inviting the family over for a surprise dinner!  Nett made some yummy appetizers….chips and cheese dip, shrimp dip (I didn’t actually try this one!), veggie tray and rice krispy treats.  For dinner she surprised all of us with Stromboli bread!!!  It has been a few years since I’ve had this (my absolute favorite holiday meal….aside from eggrolls….tamales….  :)) Nett did a fabulous job with all of the yummy food.  We hung out for a while that night and ended up playing a fun game of “mexican train” dominos in which mom (my mom) won!!!

Drew and I ended up getting Jensen a couple “Christmas” dresses this year because they were on sale and I couldn’t resist. 😉

Christmas Eve……

I was SUPER excited to get home on Christmas Eve to prepare for the visit from Santa!! Jensen got up at her normal time (7AM) on Christmas morning and I think she was a bit overwhelmed by the toys left out by Santa.  She walked up to each toy studying them and looking them over.  We also had some wrapped gifts, so we spent some time opening presents as well which was her favorite part!

Christmas Morning……

Of course I made her pose with all of her new toys!

Christmas Day was going to be a LONG day for us because we were headed to grandma and grandpa D’s for the Dankert family celebration and then on to Wichita to celebrate Christmas with grandma and grandpa S.  While Jensen played with her new toys Drew and I cleaned up and finished packing for our busy day.

We had a wonderful time at grandma and grandpa D’s hanging out and eating yummy food!  Of course we also took lots of pictures!

Baby Ella with her Christmas present from cousin Jensen!

My parents got Jensen these life-size Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls as part of her Christmas presents!  Jensen was scared of them (probably because of the slightly creepy way aunt Laura “danced” each doll out of the bag) but she ended up warming up and waving to them a few minutes later.  It was a really neat gift because the dolls also came with a Raggedy Ann and Andy story book that has a copyright date of 1980 – the year I was born – my parents couldn’t resist getting them when they noticed that!

Jensen with her gift from baby Ella!

After eating a delicious meal Drew, Jensen and I loaded up the gifts and headed to Wichita.  Unfortunately, Jensen only slept for about an hour, but she was in a really good mood the whole time.  Especially when we stopped to get some chicken nuggets at Matfield Green!

We ended up getting to grandma and grandpa Schauner’s around 7PM and were joined by GG ma and GG pa Seymore to open more presents!!

Happy with her new baby doll from GG ma and GG pa!

Her very own kitchen from grandma and grandpa Schauner!

“Can you read me my new book GG pa?”

I must say Jensen was very spoiled and very loved this Christmas….in fact we all were!!

On Sunday, Drew’s sisters, Jennifer and Jill came over and Jensen got to hang out with her older cousins.  Jensen is the oldest of 2 grandchild on my side of the family and the youngest of 8 grandchildren on Drew’s side of the family.  In fact, 7 years separate her and Cameron (grandchild number 7)!  She had a great time and kept “flirting” with her cousin Cameron!!  She also enjoyed hanging out with big cousins Julia and Grace!  Boy did we really enjoy getting to see all of them!

Jensen with Cameron

Jensen with Julia

Grace and I

We had a great Christmas this year and I truly feel blessed and thankful for my family!  I want to thank all my family again for all the toys, books, clothes and love you shared with Jensen, she has a wonderful family and I can’t wait until she is able to truly appreciate that!

To end this extremely long post, I have to share these hilarious pics of Jensen sporting her new “shades.”  I like to call her “Miss Hollywood!!!”

I hope everyone had a very merry christmas and I wish you all a healthy and happy new year!


Twenty-Five to Tommy Boy!

We had a fabulous Saturday night!  Tommy-Gun turned 25 yesterday and Rachel planned a dinner at BWW for him and his close friends.

Drew and I decided to bring Jensen with us (instead of getting a sitter) and boy did she steal the show……sorry TomKat! 🙂  She was flashing her big “teethy” smile at anyone that was paying attention to her!  She did really well for the couple hours we hung out for the birthday dinner.

Rachel and Tommy planned to head down to our place after dinner to play games and hang out with Lynette and Dave, so Drew and I left a little before everyone else to get Jensen down for bed.  Once everyone showed up we were surprised to see that Lynette and Dave have a new addition to their family……..Olive……a beautiful 7 month old boston terrier!!!  Olive looks exactly like “Elvis” and Rachel immediately started crying which in turn made me start crying.  Olive is already a wonderful addition to the Dankert/Schmidt/Schauner/Johnson/Keller family!!

We ended the night with a game of “Loaded Questions”…….fun, fun…….Drew won…..sorry again Thomas, but I hope you had a wonderful birthday!  CHEERS to 25 YEARS!!

Giggling with Gramma!

Jensen got to spend the morning with grandma instead of her normal babysitter today because my mom was off work (and really wanted to come down and watch J)!  I left my camera out and told mom to take some pics throughout the morning.

Looks like they had a lot of fun – glad grandma could come down and play her with baby girl!  Oh and mom, thanks for shinin’ up some things for me! 😉  Love you bunches and bunches!!!



I thought it would be fun to gather a bunch of random things from the pantry and make christmas ornaments with Jenbug!!  I had plenty of rice and frosting, so they became our key ingredients.  With a little food coloring, crushed up peppermints and some red sprinkles Jen and I got to work!

A “J”, “D” and “S” for our little family and Jenbug had to make an “E” ornament for her baby cousin Ella!!

The frosting held the rice and other decorations nicely in place.  After I let these freeze for a few minutes, I covered them with mod podge.  I am happy to report they are holding up nicely after 2 days!!

I know these aren’t going to be winning any awards, but it sure was fun to see Jensen get excited about putting these together!  She also had a wonderful time putting little dyed pieces of rice in her mouth.  At one point, her tongue was blue!!

The ornaments are hanging on our tree……kind of hidden throughout!!  🙂

Pretty PigTails in Purple and Blue.

I’ve had a bit of an obsession with the purple baby clothes lately!  Both grandma Dankert and grandma Schauner love the color purple and when I saw this little dress I had to get it.  Turned out to be pretty cute with the polka dot tights:)

Jenbug is obsessed with water bottles……good thing the cap was on tight!!! :0