Winter Weather.

Winter has certainly made its prescence felt around here lately.  Bitterly cold temps and lots of snowfall……so happy to hear the temps for the end of the week are warming to near 50 degrees…..yes that is sarcasm, but I will admit 50s is better than 10 below!!  I find that about this time every year I’m ready to say goodbye to winter and HELLO to spring!

We’ve spent very little time outside in the snow with Jensen because it has been so cold.  Around 4PM last Thursday, the sun came out for the first time in several days, so we bundled Jensen up and took her out to play in the snow.  She didn’t really know what to do with the snow.  She sat in it, pushed her gloved hands around it it and of course tasted it.  She didn’t want to walk around in it though – which I can’t say I blame her – it was pretty deep!

Saturday morning, Drew and I decided to take Jensen to an indoor play place where she could run around and play with other kids.  “Paradise Park” provides entertainment for all ages with go carts, mini golf, bumper cars, batting cages, etc. but they also offer an “edutainment” center for kids 0-9 yrs.  They have face painting, ball pits, a bank, grocery store, toddler room, dress up, water play and cooking class to name a few.  We had never taken Jensen before and we had planned to go with Molly and her daughter Elena but they were unable to make it up to KC last weekend. 😦  We had a lot of fun and definitely plan to take Jensen there again especially when we can enjoy their outside play area as well!

Saturday evening, all the girls came over for a night of dinner and games.  Of course we spent a lot of time playing with Jensen and Ella with lots of picture taking!!  The girls do fairly well together.  Sharing is something Jensen is working on.  She likes to snatch things out of baby Ella’s hands and loves to run her hands in baby Ella’s hair, so we do have to watch them pretty closely.  They do have precious moments when Jensen will kiss Ella or hand her a toy!  I am excited for the two of them to continue to grow and play together!

We ended up playing the game Partini, guys against girls, while Jensen ran around the room and Ella played with toys.  After all the winter weather over the last few weeks it was nice to get together for a yummy dinner, girly gossip,lots of laughter and tons of fun!     


All About Babes.

Spending the weekend in Wichita NEVER allows us enough time to see everyone we would like to…..BOO!  This past weekend we were able to see quite a few people though!!

Our wonderful friends, Dean and Shala, are expecting their first child in April…..a baby girl they are naming Stella!!  They recently moved to Chicago (my absolute favorite city in the world) and we can’t wait to plan a trip to see them!  Both Dean and Shala are from the Wichita area and Dean and Drew have been friends since high school.  Their baby shower was Saturday at Brooklyn’s (used to be Player’s) on 21st street.  Not only did we get to see the expectant parents, we got to catch up with other friends as well!

Even Jensen got to spend time playing with her buddy Ryder.  For a majority of the time, she just watched him as he crawled under the tables, ran around the room and played with toys……although Ryder was very sweet and kept handing Jensen leggo pieces so she could help build his castle!  I even got a couple pics of them!

Also while in ta town we had lunch with my cousin Megan and her little girl Sophia!  We met up at Old Chicago on the east side and of course took some pics of us girls!

We are looking forward to when the weather is nice so when can take the girls to the zoo!!

And Congratulations to Drew’s cousin Jeff and his fiance Allie who welcomed their first child, daughter Emalyn Lee last Thursday!  We’re so glad we got to stop by the hospital and meet their beautiful baby girl!

Well, another fun and busy weekend in Wichita.  Looking forward to our next trip down to visit those of you we didn’t get to see!!


Jensen has recently developed an obsession with shoes……go figure…..what girl doesn’t?!?!?  Every morning while I’m getting ready for work Jensen plays in my closet and before I know it there are shoes all over my room!  I believe Daddy’s in trouble!!

The other day I quickly grabbed my camera after Jensen insisted on putting on aunt Rachel’s shoes!!  Believe it or not, Jensen did a pretty good job walking around in them too!

Party Like it’s 2011!

Well……not exactly.  Jensen is teething and last week was pretty bad…..especially at night.  My parents were prepared to watch Jensen over night on New Years Eve so we could go out, but I really felt bad putting Jensen and my parents through the possible separation anxiety and crankiness.  Instead we celebrated very low key with the family coming over for dinner and hanging out and playing games……boys against girls of course!

On Saturday my cousin Brent and aunt Addie came up to KC to visit us!  Brent is a Marine and lives in Hawaii.  He was back in Wichita visiting his mom and other family members and they decided to drive up and see us over the weekend.  Unfortunately, the last time we saw Brent was 5 years ago at my grandma’s funeral, so it has been way too long.  He just did his last tour in Afghanistan and will finish his career as a Marine in about a year……..with no more deployments…….fingers crossed (but he’s fairly certain)…….so excited for him!!  It was so wonderful to see him and hang out.  We’ve all agreed we can’t wait that long to see each other again!

Love you cousin Brent and Aunt Addie!!