Fun in the Bath Tub.

Rachel invited everyone over on Saturday to have dinner and hang out.  Tommy made very delicious chicken fettuccine alfredo and Laura made a YUM-O icecream cake.  Along with eating, we spent a lot of time playing with Jensen and Ella.  Jensen got a Mr. Potato Head from aunt Rachel and uncle Tommy so we spent some time getting to know him.

Dinner Time!

Girlies….dinner time…

Happy Baby!


Bath Time!

Oh and Jensen, I had to post this for you baby.  Aunt Laura put on your boots and walked around the room.  She looked like a character out of a cartoon…..we were all laughing so hard some of us (no names will be mentioned) ran to the bathroom before we lost it!  Fun times!


Goodbye February, Hello 18 Months!

Wow.  I have not posted as much this month as I would have liked.  This time of year is always crazy busy for me at work so all my free time is spent with Jensen, my husband or watching reality t.v.!

February went by so fast.  Not that I’m complaining because I am certainly more than ready for spring, but my baby girl is a year and a half as of this past Saturday.  I’ve heard it from many of you, but no, we are not ready for baby number two yet!  Jensen is so much fun right now and we are truly enjoying life as the three of us right now.

Valentine’s day weekend daddy, Jenbug and I made heart-shaped cookies for grandma and grandpa.  Jensen really enjoys helping me cook and she really enjoys making cookies.  She does a great job holding the measuring cups and mixing.  She also does a good job of tasting the cookie dough :-/ silly girl.

Before we made cookies we danced around the living room with her new teddy bear that is holding a heart that reads “I Love You.”

February Birthdays.

Two wonderful and amazing women in my life celebrate their birthday this month……my mother celebrated on the 19th and my mother-in-law will celebrate on the 23rd.  Each of these women mean more to me than I could ever express in words.  Thank you for all that you do for your families and all the love you share.  Happy Birthday, we love you so much……and kisses from Jenbug!!

Snow Day x 2.

The unexpected snow days I have had with my baby girl have been wonderful…….minus not being able to leave the house and not seeing daddy for over 36 hours!!

Because Drew’s work put him and all of his co-workers up in a hotel last night, Jensen and I spent yesterday and half of today getting in some quality mommy-daughter time!  We played, read books, napped, snacked all day, snuggled…oh….and stayed in our jammies ALL day yesterday!!  We also watched the blizzard through the windows yesterday and Jensen kept saying “no” for snow!

Today I bundled Jensen up and sat her out on the back deck for some pics in the snow.  We weren’t out there long because it was FrEeZiNg!

Though I had a great time with Jen, I realized very quickly how exhausting it can be being a “single” parent!  Kuddos to my mommy friends and family that do this on a daily basis!!