Gettin’ Caught Up!

It has been a few weeks since I have had a chance to sit down and blog!  This semester is always really busy for me at work with rotation students, lectures and exams, but thankfully things are starting to slow down!

A couple weeks ago Molly, Lindsay and baby Elena came in town to visit.  We always love getting to see these pretty girls! We had to laugh because Elena got busy playing with Jensen’s toys and Jensen would stand there and watch Elena as she played.  It didn’t take long though for Jensen to warm up and play right along side Elena!  Elena was so sweet to Jensen…..singing her the ABCs and the  “itsy bisy spider” song!  Jensen smiled really big and clapped at the end of each song!  Check out more pics from there visit on Molly’s blog!

On March 26th Jensen turned 19 months old!  Tonight I was looking through old photos and came across several videos I have taken of Jensen over the last year and a half.  This video was taken when Jensen turned 7 months old……approximately 1 year ago.  So crazy to watch these videos now.  Made me tear up watching all the videos and thinking about how much she has grown up in such a short time!

Oh and Happy Spring!!!!


Snake Saturday.

Each year North Kansas City puts on their Snake Saturday Festival and Parade.  Drew and I went for the first time a few years ago when we lived down there and yesterday we decided to take Jensen for the first time!  Rachel and Tommy had planned to go with a couple of their friends so we met up with them as well!

We had a blast!  We stopped by the petting zoo, got shamrock tattoos and a headband, bought a green popcorn ball and found a great place to watch the parade.  Jensen really seemed to enjoy the parade.  She waved her little hand to everyone in the parade and brought smiles to quite a few peoples faces by her excitement!

I was even able to grab her a dum-dum!

We can’t wait to go again next year!  Hope everyone has a Happy Saint Patty’s Day!

Baby, it’s cold outside.

I’m so glad the next few days are supposed to be nice!  We are ready to spend some time outside……Snake Saturday Parade here we come!!  Woohoo!!

Have to post some pics of Jensen modeling this cute little hat a lady I work with made.  Mara works with me at the clinic and she has made me a scarf in the past, but she is not making baby hats.  It was so cold and windy out the other morning so I put the hat on Jensen and grabbed the camera to get a couple shots.  She seems to like it or perhaps she is playing it up for the camera!!

Thanks Mara!!

Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in KC!  Drew and I both decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and officially “kick-off” our outdoor training!  I ran 3 miles outside and Drew got on his bike for the first time in several months to ride around in the neighborhood.  After we took our turns getting our physical activity in, Jensen woke up from her nap and as I had promised her that  morning on the way to work, we put on a jacket and shoes, cut up an apple, filled the sippy cup and grabbed my camera and her sunglasses just in case she wanted to wear them on our way outside to play!

We decided to walk down to the dock and talk to the fishies and ducks.  On our way down the driveway I asked Jensen if she wanted to wear her sunglasses.  She shook her head yes and once I put them on her they stayed on for half of our time outside!  I was surprised how much she seemed to enjoy wearing them, especially since it was really the first time she has worn them for an extended period of time.

When we got home I started making dinner and Jensen played her favorite app on my phone – ABCs!!  She is such a hoot!  It is amazing to me how quickly little ones pick up on things.  I crack up every time I see her little index finger swipe across the phone screen as she repeats the next word in the alphabet!  When it comes to technology, she is definitely her father’s daughter!

We had a wonderful evening enjoying the beautiful first day of March together!