Easter Sunday 2011.

Our Easter Sunday started bright and early so that we could meet grandma, grandpa, aunt Rachel, uncle Tommy, aunt Laura and cousin Ella at church by 8:45AM.  Drew and I got up and dressed before going in and waking Jensen.  When I walked into her room she looked up at me, smiled and said “mornin'”.  She had dry boogies all over her face and nose and her hair was all over the place with hard, crusty boogies matting pieces of her hair together.  I took a deep breathe and kindly (well sorta :)) asked Drew to come and assist me!  Now, I must explain, Jensen has been suffering from allergies or something for about the last week.  She is congested, but has a runny nose, she is coughing and hasn’t been sleeping through the night very well.  So Sunday apparently was the peak of her symptoms.

We quickly took her to the bathroom and wiped her face with a warm washcloth, pulled her hair back into a ponytail and got her dressed for church.  Both Ella and Jensen did very well during the service and I even got a pic of Drew holding both beautiful girls!

After the service, we all headed to grandma and grandpa’s house to stuff easter eggs for our hunt and prepare food for the BBQ.  First, aunt Laura surprised Jensen and Ella with similar outfits and of course we had to change the girls and take some photos!!!  Too cute!

Then we stuffed eggs…..

Just like in year’s past, after eating our yummy lunch of BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixins, grandma and grandpa headed outside to hide all the easter eggs!  Again this year we had two money eggs, each containing $21 dollars and Drew and I were on a mission to find those eggs!!

This year grandma and grandpa also put some eggs out for Jensen to pick up while all of us big “kids” were enjoying our easter egg hunt.  I’m so glad mom took my camera and snapped some pics for me……Jensen is so cute grabbing up these easter eggs and putting them in her basket!

Here is how the egg hunt turned out this year:

First place: Tommy and Rachel with 21 eggs

Second place: Lynette and Dave with 19 eggs

Tied for Third/Last place: Laura/Ella and Drew/Steph – with 17 eggs

But I am very happy to report that Drew and I found one of the money eggs this year!!!!  Laura found the other one.  So even though we lost again this year we did walk away with some $$$$!!!

We had an amazing Easter and feel truly blessed!  I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter and celebrated with those you love!


March & April Birthdays.

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear…..

March – my sis Lynette and cousin Heather

April – father-in-law Scott, cousin Tyler, cousin Michael, father Rick, cousin Joshua and cousin Diane

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Easter Weekend 2011.

The first part of our Easter celebration started Friday night with dying easter eggs.  I will have to share this part of the weekend later because my camera was dead so Drew had to take all the pics – which are still on his camera.

Because we were spending Sunday at my parents house, we decided to give Jensen her presents from the Easter bunny on Saturday morning.  I put her basket together Friday night after she went to bed and set it out in the living room.  All week we had been telling Jen that the Easter bunny was going to stop by and we had even been practicing saying Happy Easter, which by the way sounds more like Happy day (she has recently been singing Happy birthday which is quite hilarious!)

When Jen saw her easter basket on Saturday morning you couldn’t wipe the excitement off her face!  She was so much more into this than she had been when “Santa” left gifts……probably because she is a little older.

We got her a couple DVDs – Strawberry Shortcake and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the latter of which she is FASCINATED  with, a strawberry shortcake doll, some new flip flops and a couple new outfits.  We immediately of course had to watch an episode of “Mickey” which she will repeat non-stop until we have turned it on our addressed it in some fashion!  Her absolute favorite part of the show is the end when they sing the “Hotdog” song.  She will instantly move to the tv and dance along and wave goodbye to mickey!

We then ate some breakfast which as you can see ended up being all over baby girl’s face!  She loves toast with grape jelly!

After spending the day just the three of us, we met up with Aunt Lynette and Uncle Dave for dinner to wrap up our Saturday!  Easter Sunday was going to be an early and busy day!

Kites 2011.

For this year’s Kite Festival we took Aunt Rachel and Uncle Tommy with us (last year it was grandma Schauner)!!!  The day started out cold and gloomy, but by the time J got up from her nap in the afternoon the sun was shining and it had warmed up a bit.

We saw a few kites from last year, but several of the kites were new!  The wind was blowing at about 20-25 miles per hour that day and we learned that “perfect” wind conditions for kite flyers is about 15-17 miles per hour – so though most of the kites were up in the air, the flyers would have preferred a little less wind to deal with!!

Aunt Rachel and I went walking around and got “NO texting while driving” stickers for our fingernails and got Jensen a lollipop!  Jensen loved the lollipop and had a great time watching all the kites flying in the sky.  I think we’ll make it a tradition to catch the kite festival each year!!


This past Saturday Jensen and I hung out with my mom and dad while Drew went off to do an engagement photo shoot.
It was such a beautiful evening so we played outside the entire time Drew was gone! Grandpa got busy mowing the yard while grandma hung out with Jensen…..blowing bubbles, reading books, eating snickerdoodles (the best cookie my mom makes!), taking a walk and writing on the driveway with sidewalk chalk. As grandpa was finishing up mowing and some quick planting in the garden, mom asked me if I could sweep of the patio. As I started to sweep, Jensen came running over and insisted on sweeping…..hope she can maintain that level of enthusiasm as she ages!!!
I grabbed my phone and took these pics of her trying to help sweep. My mom came up and told “Cinderella” that she her work was done!