Sun Beauties.

Today we had the family over for a bbq and before eating, we let the little girls play in the pool!  They played really well together in the pool and of course Jensen kept giving cousin Ella big hugs and kisses!


Jiggle Jam 2011.

What an exciting Memorial Day weekend we had!!  Saturday we took Jensen to Crown Center for “Jiggle Jam.”  This event has live entertainment for children and fun games.  The weather was less than desirable with clouds and wind, but we did get to spend a couple hours walking around enjoying all the activities before it started to rain.

First we stopped to dance to the music.  I think Jensen was overwhelmed by all the people because she did not want to dance.  Instead she wanted Drew or I to hold her while she enjoyed the music.  This only lasted for the first stop of the day…thank goodness!  After that, she was all over the place, playing and dancing to the music!

Then we stopped to paint a picture and write on the chalkboards!

Then we took pics in a bulldozer and a corvette!

Jensen was soooo excited to meet the princesses!  She was waving and sat right down with them to take a pic!

This awesome car had all kinds of “noise makers” and drum sticks for kids to make their own music!  Jensen loved it!


We had a blast at our first Jiggle Jam!  The only thing we could have asked for was sunshine!!

21 Months.

Jensen is 21 months old today!  Though I am a little sad with every month that passes, it is so exciting to see how much she is changing.  She is growing so much, talking up a storm and makes me so proud to be her mommy on a daily basis!  Drew and I are amazed most days at how we are pretty much having meaningful conversations with our little girl.

The other morning, I got Jensen dressed for school, we ate breakfast and then I got ready for work.  As we were getting ready to head out of the house I realized we were dressed in “matching” shirts!  It did cross my mind that perhaps I should change one of us, but it was pretty cute so I decided to go with it!  And of course one of the first things we heard at school was “oh look, you match!!”

With the recent tornado destruction within the state, Jensen and I spent the morning putting together our donation for the tornado victims in Joplin, MO.  We drove over to a local church this morning to drop it off and Jensen repeated “church” the entire time we drove up, unpacked and drove away.  My families thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and families affected by the recent tornado destruction.

The weather today was a complete 180 from the weather we experienced yesterday and in fact it was absolutely gorgeous here!  Bright blue sky, sunshine and perfect temperature.  We spent the entire evening outside.  We played at the park and then came home to grill BBQ buffalo wings and eat dinner outside.  In honor of Jensen turning 21 months today, we also made icecream cones!  And boy does she like cookie dough icecream!!  Aside from a couple helpful bites from mom and dad, she ate the whole cone!!

Happy 21 months JenBug!!  Mommy and daddy love you so much and feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have you in our life!!

Amanda and Josh Get Married!

Last Saturday a very sweet couple married: Amanda and Josh.  Amanda has been a wonderful and close friend of our family since my parents moved up to the KC area in 2002.

Drew was photographing the wedding, so Jensen and I rode with my parents.  The wedding was in Lathrop, MO at an Antique club and the ceremony took place in the cutest little church!

It was a chilly day in May so Jensen kept her jacket on!

After the ceremony, we headed over to the reception hall.  The DJ was set up with his lights going all over the room and Jensen was mesmerized!  Before the reception got started, we took some pics!

Flower seed packets were at each place setting at the reception and Jensen was on a mission to collect and “shake” as many of them as she could find.  She walked to the surrounding tables and all the ladies kept handing them to her!

Daddy got to take a break from taking photos to have dinner with us and take a pic!

Once the lights dimmed and the music volume increased, I took Jensen out onto the dance floor.  I assumed she would dance around a little, but to my amazement, she smiled, laughed and really boogied down!  Grandma got a chance to dance with her too!

Jensen was all over the place dancing and blowing kisses to the crowd!  Drew actually got quite a few pics of her on the dance floor which is a good thing because I spent the entire night chasing her around!!  The cutest part of the night was the point in time when she was dancing and these 2 six year old girls came out onto the dance floor and danced with Jensen.  They would copy Jensen’s dance moves which would crack Jensen up!  They ended up playing together ALL NIGHT!

We had a great time on a very special night for Amanda and Josh!  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your special day!  We wish both of you happiness, health and love in your journey through life together!


Here is a little update on what Jensen has been up to lately:

1.  Singing.  She loves to sing “A.B.C.” – and that is as far as she goes usually…..sometimes it sounds like she is saying D.E. but she doesn’t always go that far.  She also loves to sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, Happy Birthday” and “If your Happy and you Know it” – which she refers to as “Happy”!

2.  Dancing.  She has been shaking it for a while now!  I can remember back when she was just starting to sit up and she would move to the beat of the music!  She loves to grab everyones hands and sing and dance to “”Ring around the Rosey”.  She cracks up laughing when everyone “falls down.”

3.  Mickey Mouse Club House.  Asks for Mickey by name, waves to all the characters on t.v. and dances and sings the “Hot Dog” song.  We can always tell when she needs a Mickey fix because she will repeat “Mickey” non-stop!!  I’m thinking this may have to be her 2nd B-day party theme!

4.  Reading.  We have been reading books with Jensen since she was days old and I am happy to say that she LOVES reading!  Lately, she will come running over to Drew and I with a book and start talking and turning pages!  It really is one of the cutest things EVER.  Her teacher also reports how much she likes to read while at school.

5.  Drawing.  On the couple days per week that Jensen goes to school, my day starts a little later.  After breakfast for the last few weeks, I get ready for work and Jensen has been drawing (scribbling) pictures on half sheet of construction paper.  I make sure to tell her how beautiful her pics are several times over and over to keep her busy as I get ready!

6.  Talking and Signing.  Her vocabulary has really expanded over a very short period of time.  She is repeating everything.  I honestly feel like she is saying at least one new word every day!  I’m not sure anything is cuter than hearing a 20 month old talk!  When I go into her room every morning she greets me with “mornin!”  Not only has she been talking up a storm, but she has also been practicing her “signs” that she is learning in school.  Right now she signs “more” and “happy” every time she says the words.  According to her teacher they are also practicing the signs for water, shoes and friends.

7.  Playing at the Park.  And now that she can say “park” she will ask to go to the “park” every time we go outside!  Her absolute favorite activity is swinging, but as of this past weekend the slide may be giving the swing a run for its money!

8.  Eating.  No she is not big (still 3rd percentile in weight) but boy can she eat!  She is doing very well eating her vegetables with her favorite being corn.  She also likes cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit, waffles/toast with grape jelly, pizza, pasta, oatmeal…….etc.  Really I’m finding it hard to think of something she doesn’t like.  Now don’t get me wrong, if she is not hungry or doesn’t like something she won’t eat it.  Thankfully we don’t have too many food battles and I’ve slowly learned to “let it go” if she doesn’t eat what I want her to.

9.  Gaining Independence.  Which is a good and bad thing….for me.  She is doing so well going to school and loves spending time with her aunts and grandparents.  For some time, we have been battling separation anxiety when going to school and even when leaving her with family members.  For the last couple months, she has done so well hanging out with other family members without Drew or I.  She has stayed the night with grandma and grandpa with ease for all and recently Rachel watched Jensen and was able to lay her down for bed without a struggle.  Sure is nice for this mommy not having to worry about how Jensen is doing with her aunts and grandparents!  I also have to share a funny story.  For the last couple weeks, Jensen has been asking for my contact case and will sit on the floor and pretend to put contacts in her eyes!!

10.  Loving.  “Hello”…..well that is what it sounds like when Jensen says “I love you.”  She has always been a loving, snuggle bug and I’m happy to report not a lot has changed!  Drew and I get kisses all the time, except sometimes when we ask she says “nope” – damn toddler attitude!  She is also pretty friendly with strangers…..blowing kisses…..and we’ve been telling her not everyone needs kisses from her!  It is usually very well received unless of course she is blowing a kiss to a 4 year old boy, then he is usually not receptive!

And as a bonus for this post I wanted to post some pics of me when I was around 2 years old.  When I went back through my baby pics, it is clear to me why my family thinks Jensen looks so much like me….because she does!!

Mother’s Day Weekend 2011.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day weekend!  The weather was gorgeous and getting to spend quality time with my little family of three was amazing!!

My weekend started on Friday night when Drew and I went to celebrate the Pharmacy student graduation banquet at Boulevard Brewery while aunt Rachel and aunt Lynette came over to watch Jensen.  While at the graduation banquet I got to introduce Drew to several of my students and their families.  To top off the night, I was presented the award for “Preceptor of the Year” from this graduating class – what a shock and an honor!!

After I attended the graduation ceremony on Saturday, I came home and Drew and I took Jensen to the park!  We started with the swings (as always) and eventually were able to talk Jensen into doing something else.  She immediately took off for the slide and really surprised me by climbing up the stairs to the slide and sliding down by herself!!!  What a big girl!  She LOVED it!  Granted this is a miniature slide so it has little steps and isn’t very high off the ground, but she would slide down and yell (and sign) “more, more” as she took off for the steps!

After our routine Sunday morning grocery run, we decided to make rice krispie treats!  Jensen really enjoys being in the kitchen and participating in cooking.  Of course she always likes to “sample” our ingredients as well!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mommies that I know and love!!


Jensen has been going to daycare now for a little over a month and I thought I would share how things are going!

Though we love Jensen’s babysitter, we felt like she was ready for the social interactions of daycare.  Drew and I did quite a bit of “research” on several different daycares in our community.  Because of Drew’s work schedule, we don’t need full day care and part-time daycare is hard to find especially half days!  One day a couple months ago, Drew went into Mr. Goodscents in our neighborhood and grabbed a flyer for a new Montessori in our neighborhood and the best part……they offered half days and part-time weeks!

Jensen goes to the Montessori on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for a half day and the transition for Jensen hasn’t been the easiest.  On her first day, we walked in and she looked around and started playing with toys no problem.  I left feeling great about our decision to start daycare!  The second day was AWFUL.  As soon as we got to school, Jensen was crying and saying “nope, no, no, nope.”  I tried not to linger too long in the classroom with her, but it was difficult leaving my baby girl behind as she was crying with huge tears and the fact that she was clinging to me, pulling my shirt and not letting me put her down.  Jensen’s teacher told Drew she did really well about 10 min after I left and was playing with all the other kids.

Over the last 5 weeks, her separation anxiety has gotten much better and this week she walked right into her classroom stood with her friends and only teared up as I left the room.  The daily reports that her teacher sends home with her say things like “Loves to read”, “had a great time playing with other kids”,”doing great with saying colors”, “doing really well with signs” (she signs/says “more” and “happy” all the time here at home)……all great things!!

And Jensen has been quite busy in school making Easter eggs, taking school pics and making me my Mother’s Day gift – a magnet for the fridge!!  She is so proud of it too!  Everytime we are in the kitchen she points to it and says “Mama” and smiles really big when I get excited about it and thank her for the beautiful artwork.  She is the best Mother’s Day gift every year and I love her so very much sometime I feel like I could burst!!

Here are some pics I took with my phone the other day as we watched for the school bus (her favorite thing to do each morning and afternoon as the bus stops right outside our house.)

Fun with grandma and papa Schauner.

The weather was so nice this past Saturday!!  We spent time at the zoo Saturday morning and played at the park Saturday evening.

Jensen had a wonderful time at the zoo saying her animal sounds and yelling “more, more” each time we moved on to the next exhibit!  She loved seeing all the animals, except at the petting zoo where the animals were roaming freely then she wanted to be picked up!!

Jensen favorite thing to do at the park is swing!  She has also warmed up to going down the slide and walking across the bridge.  The worst part about going to the park is leaving…..Jensen is NEVER ready to go home. 😦

First time on the merry-go-round!!

We had a great weekend with you grandma and papa!!