“Papa’s” Day 2011.

Because Jensen refers to all of her grandpas’ and great grandpa as “papa” I have to acknowledge these wonderful men the way that she does.  Jensen loves to flash her pretty smile and share kisses with all of her papas’.  She is very lucky to have these men in her life and I’m confident she is learning this more and more each day.  Here are some pics of her with her favorite papas’!!

And of course Jensen’s favorite man on this earth: daddy!!  Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful supportive men that provide for and love their families unconditionally!!


Ella’s 1st Birthday Party!

My niece, Jensen’s cousin, Ella turned 1 this past weekend.  It is exciting and crazy all at the same time that these baby girls are growing up soooo fast!  We had a great time at Ella’s birthday party which was “lady bug” themed!  Laura made some very yummy food for lunch and then it was time for the birthday girl to open her presents!

Jensen did a great job letting Ella have the limelight to open all of her presents!  Drew and I had talked with Jensen about this all morning before the party and Jensen was no problem at all with all of Ella’s new toys!

After presents, Ella ate some cake!

Then we took the girls outside to play in the pool and on the slip and slide!  Jensen was very apprehensive at first with the slip and slide, but after a couple tries with aunt Laura and watching the older kids, she LOVED it!

And in true Laura fashion, she had to try out the slip and slide herself!  She had us all cracking up and her niece and nephew were requesting her to “go again aunt Laura!”

Baby Ella going down the slip and slide!

Happy First Birthday baby Ella!!  We had a fabulous time at the birthday party and love you very much!  The slip and slide was such a “hit” with Jensen that I must have one at Jensen’s birthday party!!