BumbleBee Party: Jensen turns 2!!

For J’s second birthday we went with a bumblebee theme.  I found this really cool recipe for a Bee Dome cake, so I asked J if she liked bumblebees and she was ago!

Waiting for guests, eating and posing for pictures!

Playing with papa



So excited!

She had been wanting a bike for weeks before her birthday.  Every time we would go to Target we had to stop by and play with the bikes.  She immediately wanted to open the box and get the bike out, but thankfully we were able to open the rest of our presents first!

She also made sure to go around and give kisses after she would open presents!  She definitely was into this “gift opening” this year!

“Thank you” for being at my 2nd bday party and all the gifts!

My baby girl is 2……amazing!  She is definitely the bright spot of each of my days.  Happy 2nd birthday baby girl!!  Mommy and daddy love you!



KC Zoo.

The month of October has been absolutely beautiful which only reinforces how much I love fall!!

One gorgeous Saturday some of us got together to walk around the zoo.  Of course, we can’t all be together without taking pics!  Here are some of my favorite from the day:

Polar Bear Posing!!

Let’s go!

Sea Lions


We love our camera man Drewby!!

Great Saturday!!


Busy, Busy!

The month of October has been a busy one around here!  Drew spent his vacation at the beginning of the month sanding and staining the deck.

Finished deck!  Awesome job Drewby!!!

We also got busy painting pumpkins for the front porch!  Jensen was very excited to pick out and paint her own pumpkin this year.

Talk about concentration…..look at that tongue!! 🙂

All finished!

Then it was time for Drew and I to paint our pumpkins.

Finished pumpkins…………..

on display!!!

Now we are ready for our annual Halloween Party!!

Birthday Celebrations!!

The last couple of months have brought much excitement around here.  At the end of July, Drew and I found out we were going to have another baby!  A couple weeks later the morning sickness set in and unfortunately I am still dealing with it today 😦  With Jensen I was sick from week 6-16.  I am 15 weeks so I’m hoping this will be coming to an end shortly.

I’m really behind on blogging because of the nauseousness and extreme exhaustion from working and chasing a two year old around!  At the end of the day all I have wanted to do is sleep!!

At the end of August Jensen had her second birthday!  We started celebrating immediately when she woke up!  I had made some cupcakes for her class so I decided we would have a cupcake for breakfast that morning!

That evening we met aunt Lynette at Red Robin for a birthday dinner celebration!  Jensen looked a little freaked out when the waitresses came over and started singing and clapping, but she LOVED the sundae!  She was very nice and shared her ice cream with us but she definitely ate most of it herself!

We had a great time celebrating with her that day!  Her birthday party was planned for the next day and I will have to blog about it later because daddy took all the pics on his camera!!

Drew and I have also celebrated our own birthdays both in September and October!  Happy birthday to us all!!