Since turning 2……

Jensen has been a growing and maturing little lady since her second birthday.  Shortly after turning 2 she successfully gave up the binki (well, it was a bit of a struggle.)  She only used the binki at bedtime and at first I was very nervous to take it away.  Drew had been wanting to stop giving the binki at bedtime for a while and one night after her bath she took the binki from Drew and threw it across her bedroom.  Drew decided right then that he was not going to look for the binki and this would be the first night without it.  We struggled for a few nights with Jensen crying and standing in her crib Drew would lay her down, but after a few nights it seemed as if she had completely forgotten about it!  We did teach her to use her thumb as a binki at night and at first she used her pointer finger mostly.  I’m not sure how often she uses it to sleep and occasionally she will show me her thumb and say “binki” but I haven’t seen her walking around sucking her thumb (I can’t pass judgement if she does though because I sucked my thumb until I was 5.)

Jensen is successfully potty-trained!!  This process took some time and a whole lot of patience on my part.  For J’s first birthday we bought her a potty and she used it like a champion.  No she wasn’t telling us when she had to go potty, but when we would set her on it she would go…..number 1 and number 2.  I thought, WOW…..this is going to be a breeze 😉 After doing this for a few weeks she stopped going number 2 on the potty and then went through a phase of not wanting anything to do with the potty.  I was sooooo bummed 😦  I spoke with friends, co-workers and the pediatrician for advice/guidance and what I heard over and over was to not push her too hard when she is resisting and to go with it full force when she is.  As 18 months came and went I started struggling again thinking “is this ever going to happen?”  Again at her 2 year check-up the pediatrician gave us the same advice and we patiently worked and waited for that magical moment.  Around the middle of September we started consistently putting Jensen on the potty everyday when she would come home from the sitter.  And everyday she would go number 2.  We held this routine for about a month and one day realized that Jensen hadn’t pooed in her diaper in over a month!!!  At that moment we decided it was time to switch to panties.  We went out and bought some “Rapunzel” panties (she is obsessed with the movie Tangled) and put them on her.  We were putting her on the potty every 30 minutes at first, then progressed to every hour.  She has now been wearing panties for about 3 weeks and we are loving it!  She has had a few accidents, but overall she is doing great!  We are not sticking to an hourly schedule so much anymore because she has started to tell us when she has to go, but we do have to ask her sometimes 🙂  As far as bedtime and naps go……she is still in diapers.  We will worry about this process later!!

She is LOVING school and doing so well there!  She has been at the Montessori since April and goes two half days a week. She is singing her ABCs, counting in english and spanish to 10 and we are working on counting to 20, she is singing her favorite songs “twinkle twinkle little star”, “ABCs”, “Happy Birthday to you”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Rock a Bye Baby”.  She play really well with other children and apparently is already talking about a little boy in class…..which makes Drew uneasy and makes me laugh!  His name is Lincoln and her teacher told us that she follows him around and says “silly Lincoln.”  She uses the potty well at school, loves playing outside and also tells me that she likes lunch time!  Starting tomorrow Jensen will be going to the Montessori M-F, still half days, but we thought it would be best for her and provide more consistency for all of us!

Jensen LOVES playing at the park!  In fact, we don’t leave the park without a battle.  Her favorite thing to do is swing and she has a favorite slide as well.  She has become a little more comfortable with the other equipment and walking across the swaying bridge!!

She is VERY INDEPENDENT!  Lately she wants to do everything herself.  When it is time to go potty and pull her pants down she’ll say “Jensen do it!”  When we give her a piece of candy she wants to unwrap it and she’ll say “Jensen do it!”  When we go to put her shoes on or take them off she’ll say “Jensen do it!”  Honestly, it is hard to think of something that she doesn’t say that about!!

Jensen is still very loving.  She is now saying “I love you mommy, I love you daddy, I love you papa, etc.  I know it makes my heart melt when she says it so I’m sure that is the way the rest of the family feels!

She loves to read!!  Drew and I spend a great deal of time reading to our little munchkin.  When we aren’t reading to her, we find her reading books to her babies!!  I’m not sure there is anything much cuter than a 2 year old reading a book to baby dolls!

My little lady is full of energy and life and definitely keeps us busy and on our toes!!  She is constantly talking and makes us laugh quite a bit.  We love her more and more everyday!!


Halloween 2011.

Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE Halloween?!?!?!?  Honestly, it is my favorite holiday.  The weather is beautiful, the colors are amazing and it really kicks off the holiday season (plus, it is a great excuse to eat lots of sugar!!!)!!!

Friday night was “Trunk or Treat” at Jensen’s school.  She was so excited to see her friends!

My Little Pirate Princess!!


Here she is saying “Arrrrr Matey”

It was pretty chilly Friday night, so Jensen had to wear her coat, but she certainly wanted to hang out and trick or treat! Each car we went up to Jensen would say “trick or treat” and then after getting her candy she would say “thank you”.  All the parents kept commenting that she had “such good manners.”

She was having so much fun collecting candy and seeing all of her friends in costume, but it was dark and cold!!  After about 30 minutes we decided we had better head back to the car.  I think Jensen was looking forward to eating some candy and warming up because she didn’t get upset at all!

Saturday was our big Halloween Party!!  This year a few of us decided to dress in costume along with our little ladies!!

Snookie and Witch

Snookie and Pirate Princess

Pirate, Witch, Joker, Snookie

Then it was time to make treats!  Again this year, we drew randomly for which treat station each person would be at…..which always makes it even more exciting!!  Here are the stations this year:

Caramel Apples

Popcorn Squares

Halloween Crackers

Chex Pumpkin Crunch

Busy making yummy treats!!

While everyone was making treats, I took the babies outside to decorate and eat cupcakes….they really enjoyed this!!

Needless to say….I did all the decorating…they did all the eating!!

Finished treats!

Then it was time to head outside for halloween music, lantern making and throwing the football around.  Of course Jensen wanted to be out throwing the football and dancing!!

Ella wanted to join in on the fun too!

Then mom and dad thought it would be funny to put on some masks and try to freak us out… worked….they looked creepy 🙂

Ella was brave and actually gave grandma a kiss!

Of course Rachel tried the mask too

Then Laura disappeared into the house and suddenly creeping around from the front yard came Laura – or should I say creepy old clown?!?!

Before going inside for dinner, it was time to break the pinata!!  We let Jensen take a few swings at it with a little help from grandpa.  Then it was time for the “big kids” to take their swings.

I missed most of the pinata action because I was inside getting the dinner ready, but I can sum it up for you.  Dad took a couple swings, Rachel took a couple swings, Tommy took a swing that put a hole in the mummy’s back and the best part, which I am so sad I missed out on, Kris took a swing that was soooo hard it missed the pinata, hit the tree and made him fall backwards onto the ground.  I’m in the kitchen and I hear Laura laughing crazy loud.  I run to the window and Kris is on the ground with his blindfold still covering his eyes, leaves all over his back and everyone is laughing.  Drew helps him up, Kris removes his blindfold and everyone is still laughing……that was priceless.  Then Drew took a couple swings and the pinata was down and the candy was all over the ground.  The babies ran over with their pumpkin pales and gathered up all the goodies!!!

Here are a few more pics from our party!

What a fun party!!  Yes, I am already looking forward to next year’s party!!


And to end our wonderful Halloween celebration, we took Jensen trick or treating to a few houses in our neighborhood on halloween.

Then it was time to take our little pirate princess home to hand out candy.  She really enjoyed helping Drew and I hand out candy and looking at all the costumes.  Just like last year she wanted to read books and of course eat some candy!!

Halloween 2011 was one of the best!!!  Happy Halloween and may this be a wonderful start to our holiday season!!