Christmas Day 2011.

I was so excited to put together all of Jensen’s gifts from Santa this year!!  Drew and I got busy Saturday night after Jensen went to bed and put together her toys from Santa.  We wrap a few small gifts, but most of the toys we like to set up as if Santa has come and put them out for her.

We had a very busy week, so I wasn’t too shocked when she slept until 8AM on Christmas morning!  She usually is up by 7, and to be honest, I was up around 6:30 listening for her to wake up!  When she finally got up we headed downstairs to see what Santa brought!  She was one excited and happy girl!  Santa did a good job again this year!!

Then it was off to gma and gpa Dankert’s to eat and open more presents!

This year three of us brought a homemade soup and Lynette and mom did appetizers and desserts.  It was such a great idea!  We had taco soup, potato soup and an italian soup, veggie tray, cheese ball, stuffed tomatoes and yummy cookies and brownies!  I absolutely loved it!

Then it was time to open presents! And boy were there a lot of presents!!

New slippers that she insisted on wearing as soon as she opened them!  She ripped her boots off and put her slippers on!

Payback is a b$#@* isn’t it Dave! HA!  He spent a good 5-8 minutes opening up his gift card!!  Good work Tommy and Rachel!

Today all of us girls got together for lunch at Minsky’s – YUM-O!!

We had a wonderful lunch together and a fabulous Christmas celebration!  I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas and we wish you all the best for 2012!!



Christmas Vacation.

What a fun week!!  Not only were we anticipating the Christmas festivities, but Drew was on vacation from work!!  Our Christmas vacation started with a trip to Wichita to see gma and gpa Schauner.  We continued our countdown to Christmas while we were there!

On Thursday night we celebrated Christmas and opened up presents!  Jensen really enjoyed opening up presents and of course cheesing for the camera!!

On Friday night gma and gpa had friends and family over for appetizers and drinks.  Jensen did so well with her older cousins.  I was surprised because she doesn’t really see them much at all.  She was talking up a storm and pretty much the life of the party!!

Cousin Brody and Jensen

On Saturday afternoon we headed back to Kansas City so that we could be home for our visit from Santa and to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family!


Christmas Lights.

Though Monday night was cold and rainy, we decided to drive over to the Longview Lake camp ground to look at their Christmas Light display.  Jensen absolutely loves to look at christmas lights!  We had gone around our neighborhood a couple weeks ago and Jensen kept saying “no go home.”

I couldn’t take really good pics because it was raining 😦  I did however get a couple cute shots of Jensen hanging out in the front seat of the car (I think she really enjoyed riding up front on mommy’s lap!)  There were so many lights with animation!  Jensen really liked the bear that was blowing bubbles!  On the long path leading to the light display were little elves that were waving as you drove by.  Jensen kept waving to them and saying “elf waving at me!”  We had a great time and plan to go again for sure next year!

When we got home, Jensen unwrapped book # 6 on our countdown to Christmas.  We read “Twas the Night before Christmas” – hey, of the 7 holiday books we have 3 of them are different versions of this story!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Because Drew is on vacation this next week, Jensen won’t be going to school.  I decided that we should make some treats that Jensen could take for the teachers and her classroom this past Friday.

We made rice krispie treats, red velvet cookies and toffee bar cookies.  It was quite the endeavor to take on with a 2 year old on a Thursday night, but we did it!  I had sooo many treats that I decided I would send a tray of goodies with Drew so that he could share them with his co-workers.  Along with our treats, we got Jensen’s teacher a gift card for iTunes….not bad right…..who doesn’t like cookies and music?!?!

The beginnings of our treats

Finished products!

I frequent other blogs for craft ideas, party ideas, etc and the other day I came across a wonderful idea for the holiday season.  I collected all of our holiday books, wrapped each of them and gave each one a number.  The idea here is to open  one book each night until Christmas.  As I went around collecting all of our holiday books I realized we only have 7…..which works out well this year because I just came across this idea the other day!  I’m hoping next year to collect a few more books so that we can start this earlier in the month of December and carry this on as a Holiday tradition!

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012!!

The Beach!!

At the beginning of the month I had a conference to attend in Newport Beach, CA.  I was not too thrilled to be leaving my baby girl for 3 days, but CA isn’t a bad location in December!  I traveled with a colleague/great friend and a current student which made the trip even better.  Though we spent most of our time at the conference and presenting our posters, we also of course found some time to travel down to Laguna Beach for shopping and sightseeing!

And we were really happy that we did!  The shopping was awesome and the beach was amazing!  It was a little chilly, I think the temperature was in the lower 60s and down by the water that was pretty chilly!  Tatum and Bithia were brave enough to step into the water, but their poor little toes were bright red afterwards because it was soooo cold!!

Our hotel

Laguna Beach

I was super excited to come home and see my husband and baby, but we did have a great time at the beach!


Fun with Family and Friends.

When Lynette and Dave got married we had many friends and family in town.   It was so nice to hang out with everyone because though we can facebook one another, it is even better to be able to hang out in person!

Cousin Caitlin was one of Jensen’s favorites!  Jensen always wanted to know where Caitlin was and had to be tagging along with Caitlin everywhere she went!   Between Ella and Jensen I think Caitlin’s arms and legs got a really good workout that weekend!!

Caitlin and Jensen

Grandma and I

“papa” with his granddaughters

Our good friends Lindsay, Molly and Robert stayed with us that weekend.  Molly and Robert’s daughter, Elena, is also one of Jensen’s favorites!  They had a great time together that weekend playing with toys, playing on the ipad, watching movies and dancing!  I’m so glad the girls got to spend this precious time together!  They even played “slumber party” one night before bed.  It was honestly the cutest thing I have ever seen!

We had an absolutely wonderful time hanging out with everyone and can’t wait until the next time!!

Congrats Lynette and Dave!!

On Friday, November 25th Lynette and Dave got married!  They had a very small, intimate ceremony and had the whole group in tears with their vows.

Walking down the aisle

We love you both so much!!  We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!!


A few weeks ago Drew and I found out that baby number 2 is going to be a boy!!  We are so excited!!  Jensen is slowly starting to understand and really had fun going to the ultrasound and listening to the heart beat.  She touches my belly saying “baby brother-sister” and “boom boom” (for the heartbeat)!

We are also excited that my sister is also pregnant with a little boy!!  It is so great that our daughters are 9 months apart and our little boys are scheduled to be only 2 weeks apart!!