Craft Day.

It seems there is always a reason for my family to get together – birthdays, holidays, cookouts, etc.  The day after Christmas last year, all of us girls thought it might be fun if “just us girls” starting getting together to do crafts or cooking.  We actually had our first “girls day” the day after Christmas when we all met up for lunch at Minsky’s pizza.  It was nice to just sit at the table and gossip and of course play with baby Jensen and baby Ella!

Now the intent is that we are getting together on a regular basis, most likely monthly, but we may have to take a couple months off this year with the expected birth of a couple babies 😉 and our first get together was yesterday.  We decided to make aprons and Rachel volunteered to host.

Everyone really enjoyed picking out their fabrics, patterns and other accessories for their aprons, but only 2 of us had any real experience sewing and using a sewing machine – mom and Lynette – and we used their sewing machines to make 4 aprons!!  It is a really good thing that mom and Lynette had all of this experience because I’m not sure our apron making day would have been a success without all of their guidance and assistance in making each apron!  Rachel, Laura and I ended up learning quite a bit about reading patterns, cutting patterns, sewing and using a sewing machine!

I made an apron for Jensen, Lynette made an apron for herself, Laura made an apron for herself and Rachel made an apron for herself.  Mom was also going to make an apron, but because she ended up working so hard to help Laura and Rachel, she didn’t actually get the chance to make her own, but she was ok with that, I think she really enjoyed showing the girls how to sew!

We ended up with some really pretty aprons and everyone was really happy with how they turned out!  It took us 6 hours to make 4 aprons using 2 sewing machines.  We had coffee, snacks, lunch and plenty of girl gossip, laughs, headaches and learning!  Thanks so much to Mom and Lynette for being our “teachers” and making sure everyone ended up with a very nice apron! 

We are looking forward to our next “Girls Day” and of course I will share our great adventures with all of you!!