2nd Craft Day and Happy Birthdays!!

A couple of weeks ago the girls got together, this time at mom’s house, and made tamales.  My mother had not made tamales for many years we had never made tamales growing up.  My grandmother made all of her Mexican dishes from scratch….tortillas, rice, beans, tamales, etc.  When I reminisce about my grandmother I remember when walking into her home being hit by the delicious mouth-watering smell of her food…..and then of course getting in line to get some!

My mom has really been wanting to get us all together and try out grandma’s recipe so that is exactly what we did!  Now there is A LOT of work that goes into making tamales from scratch.  Mom purchased already prepared masa (the dough) for us – which really cut out some time for us.  Mom also had prepared the pork in advance (with the help from dad) so that when we all got together we could spend all of our time putting the tamales together.

It was the weekend before Valentine’s day and aunt Laura spoiled both Jensen and Ella with Valentine’s day gifts.  Here are some pics of the girls with all of their goodies!!  Thanks aunt Laura, you are the best!!

Our original plan was to meet early in the morning to put the tamales together (which we did), cook the tamales and then divide them up.  Well, by about 1PM we had the tamales cooking but it was going to be at least a few more hours before they were done.  We did pull one of the tamales out a little early and each of us took a bite.  Boy were we impressed with ourselves!!  No it wasn’t quite done, the pork was cooked though, but we could tell that they were going to be fabulous!!  We decided it would be better to meet as a family the following weekend for Mom’s birthday and have a tamale lunch.  Each of us brought a side dish, rice, beans, chile con carne, dessert, etc to go with our tamales.  Here some pics from our yummy meal!  Too bad smell can’t be included!  😉

And because it was Mom’s birthday we surprised her with a romantic couples massage and spa package!  She was soooo excited!  Happy birthday Mamasita!!

Also, Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mother-in-Law, Terri!!  You are an amazing, caring, generous and loving mother and grandma!!


Valentine’s Day 2012.

Jensen had her first Valentine’s day party this year and mommy was soooo excited!!  We had spent a couple weeks preparing (my previous post) and when the day finally came I think I was more excited about the party then Jensen……although she was very happy to have me hang out with her at school…..man I’m gonna be sad when that changes.  She was always checking to see where I was going and wanted me to sit next to her the whole time.  She even held my hand for most of the morning!  At one point she said “no work mommy” – broke my heart when it was time for me to go 😦

Here are pictures from her Valentine’s Day party.  She is just the cutest most lovable little girl I know!!  I was soooo happy to get to hang out with her and have her show me around her classroom!

Snack Time – Yummy!!

J and her teacher Miss Margaret

Valentine Exchange!

Craft time

My beautiful Valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Valentine’s Day Prep.

Jensen and I have spent the last couple weeks preparing for her Valentine’s day party at school.  I discovered so many wonderful ideas on pinterest and ended up going with “match box” valentines.  This ended up being a project that required most of the work being done by myself as Jensen ended up eating the candy everytime we worked on them!  I kept hearing her say to me “1 more mommy, 1 more candy” – sometimes she makes it soooo hard to say NO!!

We also made a cheese and cracker tray for her party.  And again, Jensen did a lot of snacking while mommy dipped pretzels in chocolate and cut out heart-shaped pieces of cheese.

We are excited for the valentine’s day party!!  Mommy is going to take lots of pics of course and I’ll blog about it soon!!


Little behind on posting these photos but I wanted to wait until after Christmas because we gave some of these as Christmas cards and gifts!

Here are some pics from J’s 2nd B-day photo shoot.

And some pics from our family photo shoot this past fall.

UpDatiNg and ReArrAnGinG.

I have recently become an active member on pinterest thanks to one of my current pharmacy students!  I had heard lots about it, especially about how much of a time suck it can be, but my friends were getting really great ideas for food and crafts so I decided I would join the rest of the world and spend more time I don’t have looking around on pinterest! 

I love to throw parties, so I am excited to use pinterest when it comes to planning my next party.  I got a really cute idea for Valentines looking around on pinterest and can’t wait to have Jensen help me make Valentines for her friends at school!  It has also given me some ideas for my children’s bedrooms, which the hubby and I have been working on lately.  Because we will be welcoming our new addition in a few weeks, I am trying to get Jensen’s new big girl room ready for her big transition. 

Last weekend we went downtown to “First Fridays” which occurs every first weekend of the month.  All sorts of cute little antique shops and restoration shops sell all kinds of things at VERY reasonable prices.  We were mostly going to get ideas for how to re-do some of the furniture we have that needs to be restored, but of course we ended up buying some great things too!

For Jensen’s room we have already painted the walls a very pretty light shade of purple, lilac whisper, and put up a decal wall of very cute owls that we found at Pier One.  We also found what we are calling our “inspiration piece” for her room at Pier One in this adorable throw pillow.

We found these owls last weekend and with a little spray paint they are going to go great in her room!

This table was one of my great finds last weekend and it is going to fit perfectly into her new room! 

We have also started to paint a chalkboard and with a couple more coats we will be able to add a cute purple trim boarder around it!

Once Drew and I are done working our magic, this will be a new purple bookcase!

This dresser was Drew’s grandmother’s and with a little paint and some new hardware, we are going to also add it to Jensen’s new room.

For the new baby, who will be moving into Jensen’s current room, we are excited to make some changes!  We are going with white walls and very colorful accents.  We purchased this cute orange table to go into his room and we have a rocking chair that we are going to paint in a fun color to sit next to it.  We also found these movie reels, with acutal movies on them!, and we are going to incorporate it on the wall to spell out baby’s name…..also in a fun color – red!

So I am hoping to fill shelves and the bookcase with fun, colorful toys and knick-knacks.  We also found this great antique toy last weekend that I thought would fit perfectly in the new nursery!

I will have updates for you all as we get these rooms finished.  We have a lot more work to do, but I am having a blast creating these spaces!  I was really inspired last weekend and hope I can get everything finished before this new baby gets here!!

Oh and Drew and I just recently changed the color of my chandelier in my dining room!  When we bought our house this chandelier was brass.  We spray painted it brown and it has been that way for the last 4 years.  As we have been updating our dining room, I really wanted to change the color to something more vibrant and fun!  Here is my “new” chandelier!!