Netty turns Thirty!!

Wow!!  My sister is 30!!  For her special day, Laura and I put together a surprise dinner at Red Robin for her.  I asked Lynette to meet Drew, Jensen and I for dinner at 6 on Saturday.  Little did she know that all of us were going to be there! She was genuinely surprised when she arrived and saw who was there.  And “your welcome” again Dave for handling this for you!!

Surprised birthday girl!

And of course she had to be embarrassed right?!?!?

Happy, Happy 30th Birthday Netty, We love you!!



Two and a Half.

I find it very fitting for my 150th post to blog about how my baby girl is 2 and 1/2 years old.  It really is hard to believe how fast time goes by and how quickly little one’s grow up and reach milestones.  Drew and I talk all the time about how lucky we are to have Jensen in our lives.  She makes us laugh, smile, sometimes cry, and at the end of the day we can’t imagine life without her.  So what has my “big” girl been up to lately you ask, well let me tell ya……..

Jensen is rocking the potty training.  She is no longer wearing diapers during the day and sometimes she takes naps in big girl panties as well.  We have had a few accidents at nap time though so we usually put a diaper on her.  Some days she really fights putting a diaper on, but we don’t think she is quite ready to be without one.  Some days after nap and some mornings when she wakes up her diaper is dry which probably means she is getting close!

She is doing great at school.  She loves her teacher and for the most part all of her classmates……she is very timid around the boys (who are a bit rowdy sometimes) but the report each week from her teacher mentions how she is chatty and friendly.  When we walk into her class each morning her friends say “Jensen!” and run over to give her hugs.  It is so cute!

She recognizes and can point out all the letters of the alphabet and can even tell you the sound each letter makes – pretty impressive.  I have Leap Frog Letter Factory to thank for this!!  A friend of mine recommended it to me when I had mentioned Jensen was able to sing the alphabet and it really helped Jensen identify the letters and sounds.

She continues to learn and use sign language everyday.  She can sign all the colors, several animals, family members, emotions and several other words.

She has definitely started to show her personality and is increasingly showing her independence.  She likes to make her own decisions…which shoes to wear, which jacket to wear, is picky most days when it comes to dinner (which is funny because she eats like a champ at school) and likes to “boss” dad around a bit…..I have to try hard not to laugh sometimes at the directions she gives her father.  At least I know things will be in order around here when I’m away!!

She loves her cousin Ella and they are like two peas in a pod!  Now, they do have their moments when they fight over a toy or something silly, but they really do love each other.  They are getting better at sharing and I think both are going to be wonderful big sisters.  This world better watch out with these four kids let me tell ya!!

She is a performer at heart.  She loves to sing and dance.  She enjoys a variety of music but mostly likes alternative rock (because that is what we mostly listen to).  She knows several popular songs by Coldplay, Mumford and Sons, The Black Keys and Foster the People.  Drew and I crack up at her singing words to songs by these bands as she dances around the living room.  She is certainly our little actress!!

Our biggest milestone to date is Jensen sleeping in her new room in her big girl bed.  We are still putting the final touches on her bedroom, but she is in her new big girl bed and so far she is loving it!  We’ll see if things change when baby brother gets here :-/

Though these 2 and 1/2 years feel like they flew by, I am enjoying every minute as this beautiful daughter of mine continues to grow and learn.


Baby Boy’s Shower.

A couple weekends ago my wonderful sisters had a baby shower for our new addition which will arrive really any day now.  We had a great group of amazing family and friends sharing in our excitement and celebration.  We cannot thank our family and friends enough for the generosity and love they share with us for our little ones.  Even Jensen was spoiled by all with love and of course gifts – heaven forbid she feel left out – like that would ever happen!!

Jensen opening all of her gifts!

How cute are these two?!?!?  They love each other soooo much!!

Thank you grandma!

I felt very loved that day!  Just what a very pregnant girl wants to feel!