4.8.2012: Easter.

The day before Easter we dyed eggs at our house with Jensen.  We did this last year too and it is something she thinks is really cool.  This year we had to make a trip to Target with a 2 week old to get all of our supplies.  Unfortunately our trip was cut to the essentials because as soon as we got everyone in the cart, Owen flipped out and wouldn’t stop crying and Jensen was being a pill because she didn’t want to sit in the cart……stressful needless to say, especially at Target on a holiday weekend!!  We did make it home with our egg dying kit and here are some of our pics!

Baby brother!

Easter celebration was a little different this year because Laura and her family did not join us due to the fact she had just given birth to Erik 3 days prior!!  I was happy though that on our way to mom and dad’s we stopped at Kris and Laura’s first to see our new little nephew!  It is so exciting that our little boys are only two weeks apart!!  I see joint b-day parties, sleepovers, great friendship and definitely TROUBLE in their future….especially because they each have sassy big sisters, HA!!

The rest of the family got together and had a yummy lunch and of course an egg hunt.  We decided not to have a “big kid” hunt this year because not only were we missing Kris and Laura, but Tommy couldn’t join us either because he had to work…boo!  So with such a chunk of our family missing it made sense that this year we would stuff the eggs and divide them among the families.  Of course most of the eggs were given to Jensen so that she could have an egg hunt!

Here are pics from Jensen on her hunt.  She was so excited and loved looking all over for eggs.  She kept wanting to take papa or auntie or daddy with her around the yard as she hunted.  While Jensen hunted for eggs Owen was in grammy’s arms getting lots of snuggles and kisses!  Grandma is over the moon with her baby boys.  Such a wonderful thing to see!

Come on papa, let’s go to the park!!

Though our celebration was a little different this year, it was still a nice day for some of us to get together and enjoy the company!! We hope all of you enjoyed a wonderful Easter celebration with your loved ones!!


4.5.2012: Cousin Erik Arrives!!

On Thursday, April 5th our family welcomed Erik into the family!! He weighed 7 lbs 1 oz was 20.5 inches long with a head of dark hair!!  We all had to laugh because his stats were almost exactly the same as Owen’s!!  Erik joins big sister Ella and we are all so happy he is here happy and healthy!!

Congratulations Kris, Laura and Ella!! He is precious!!

3.21.2012: Owen’s Birth Day!

Tuesday, March 20th

4:30PM: Feeling a lot of pressure as I lay on the couch watching tv with Jensen.  I mention it to Drew and he says “Are you having contractions?”  I wasn’t sure at that point, but I knew that I was uncomfortable.

7PM: Giving Jensen a bath I am still feeling lots of pressure and not able to finish giving Jensen a bath.  Drew tells me to go lay down and start timing my contractions.

8PM: Pretty sure at this point I am having contractions!  Coming pretty steadily every 10-15 minutes.  Continue to lay on the couch and time them.

9PM: Contractions coming every 5-7 min now and I am starting to wonder if I am going to make it through the night or if we needed to start making plans to go to the hospital.  I tell Drew that we should go upstairs and try to get some sleep.

9:40PM: There is no way I am sleeping!!  Contractions every 5 min and getting more intense.  Drew and I decide it is best to go ahead and call my mom to see if she can come down to stay the night because we are pretty sure we will be going to the hospital soon!

10:20PM: Mom is at the house, Rachel and Tommy are on their way down to Lees Summit and Drew and I are on our way to the hospital!

11:00 PM: I am in my hospital room, gowned, getting my i.v. and of course my contractions have slowed down to about every 10-15 minutes.  At this point I am about 3 cm dilated.

11:30PM: Nurse tells me that she has spoken with the doctor and I will not be able to get an epidural until I there is progress in my dilation.  I’m hoping something changes soon because though my contractions have spread out some, it doesn’t feel good!

12:30PM: Nurse checks me again and I am dilated to 4 cm.  Doctor says I may have my epidural and I gladly accept!!  🙂

1:20PM:  I am a happy girl with my epidural and foley (no more bladder pain) and ready to try and get some sleep!

Wednesday, March 21st

6:45AM: Nurse comes in and tells me that the plan is to start some pitocin, but it won’t be until my new nurse starts her shift.

7:30AM: My new nurse, Stephanie (who I was lucky enough to have my entire hospital stay) was fabulous!!  She got my pitocin started and again we had progress!   I was dilated to about 7 cm.

8:40AM: I was fully dilated and it was time to push!!  Rachel, Lynette and Drew were the ones staying in for the delivery this time.  Mom, Jensen and Tommy went out to wait.

9:06AM: We welcomed our beautiful baby boy, Owen!!  He was 7 lbs, 19 3/4 inches with dark hair.  He was perfect!!

Here are pictures from Owen’s birth day!!  We were so happy to welcome him to our family!!

Not sure what to think at first…..

….but it didn’t take long for her to fall in love with him!

Happy aunt Rachel and uncle Tommy

Aunt Lynette and Uncle Dave – guardians of Jensen and Owen if something ever happens to Drew and I.

Proud Grandma Schauner

We brought Owen home Friday, March 23rd around 10AM.  That afternoon we did a quick photo shoot!

We certainly feel blessed!!  We love our precious little boy and our beautiful girl!!


Ok.  So I am going to take a break from getting caught up with my posts because I have to share my love for Instagram.

I have been admiring many of my friends photos (utilizing Instagram) on facebook.  The app allows for creativity with your photos and appear to be such better quality than simply using the camera on the phone.  When the app came available to android phones, I was sure to have Drew download it for me….yes Drew did it for me, he does most technical things on my phone for me because I am just not into it and don’t have the time to get better at it!

Here are some of the photos I have taken with Instagram!  I am really having fun with this!

Jensen watching cartoons in mommy’s bed!

My future soccer player!!  She loves to go outside and kick the soccer ball around!

My little man!  He is doing a great job eating, sleeping and pooping!! 🙂

Jensen and Owen….the two greatest loves of my life!

Jensen loves Owen soooo much!  She loves to help me with him, always wants to hold him, puts the binki in his mouth when he cries and never fails to tell me he’s crying even when we are all in the same room together!!  Owen started smiling (real smiles, not gas smiles!) around 6 weeks old and it is sooo cute!  Here big sister brings a big smile to his face….melts my heart for sure!!

This week is Teacher Appreciation week so of course I got on Pinterest and looked for some crafty ideas.  When I came across the “Crayon Vase” I knew I wanted to make it!  I ran out and got some supplies and within a couple hours I had created two vases, one for each of Jensen’s teachers.  We gave them to her teachers today and Jensen was sooo excited.  We actually saw Ms Margaret in the hall on our way to her classroom and Jensen said “I have something for you!”  Love it!

Ok. Now I will continue to try and find some time to get caught up with the rest of my blogging!

3.12.2012: 37 weeks pregnant.

I did not do a very good job of taking any pics of my belly during this pregnancy.  In fact, this is it!  Glad I got these pics taken when I did because Owen arrived about a week later!!

Of course I couldn’t get Jensen to cooperate very well for a good clear photo, so I apologize now for the quality of these photos.  She didn’t want to stand still, didn’t want to pose with me and quite honestly I’m lucky I got what I did.

3.10.2012: Laura’s Baby Shower.

Rachel hosted a fabulous baby shower for Laura back in March.  The afternoon was filled with talking to and hanging out with family and friends, yummy food and lots of good fun!

Of course Ella and Jensen had a great time being ornery and oh so cute!

I love this pic!!  Her eyes are saying “I see you uncle Dwew!!”

Oh look….auntie can make a similar face!!


Last family pic before baby boy joins the family!!

We are all so excited for the upcoming arrival of baby boy Johnson!!!