Lake Trips: Part 1.

This is the fourth year that we have taken a summer weekend trip to Kris’s family lake house.  We have been down there with several combinations of the family, but this time it was a trip with only the Johnsons and Schauners.  We took this exact trip back in 2008 but this time our little group had doubled in size!!  We arrived on Friday afternoon and immediately put on the swim suits and headed down to the lake.

Ella and Jensen sure are cute and a little bit naughty!!  They were playing like best friends one minute and fighting like sisters the next!  They certainly kept us busy over the weekend!!  Both girls got in the lake and played in the swimming pool (of freezing cold water) all weekend!!

Having all four kids with us meant there wasn’t too much time for relaxation, unless everyone was sleeping, but it was so fun having all of them with us.  We did a lot of hanging out on the dock, having great conversation, laughing and playing referee with Ella and Jensen!  Needless to say, the boys were pretty wonderful the whole weekend….you know…..feeding every 2 hours, fussy when not being held or eating, etc! HA!!  It will be so much fun to take these boys to the lake as they get older…..oh and probably A LOT more work!!

We had delicious food, mostly grilled of course!  Each family was responsible for lunch and dinner each day.  Here is a pic of all of us (minus the photographer) eating dinner on Saturday night.  Works perfect for us every time!!

It is always sad when the cars are packed up and it is time to head home.  We took one last pic – a group shot – right outside the lake house before we left.  This was another great lake trip with some of the best company anyone could ask for!!  Looking forward to doing it again…..which may be sooner than later!!!


Science City.

A couple Fridays ago we had our first trip to science city!!  We were actually wanting to go to the zoo that day, but found out only 1 section of it was open that day because they were setting up for a fundraiser.  Laura had heard science city would be fun for toddlers so we decided to give it a try!!  So me and my two kids, Laura and her two kids and Rachel all met up at science city.

On our way we had to walk through the gift shop so we stopped and had a little fun!

Next were the model roller coasters!  The girls loved this!!

The girls had an absolute blast!!  It was such a neat place with so much to do!! We started with playing music.  There were barrel drums, chimes and a piano on the floor that the girls loved walking on!!

Jensen is a huge dinosaur fan so we had to stop and take a pic with the dilophasaurus!!  There was also this really cool dinosaur fossil dig that Jensen loved!!  We were all surprised by how hesitant our little dare devil, Ella, was with it.  She didn’t really take much interest at first with playing in the sand and wanted her shoes cleaned out right away!!  We did talk her into playing in there for a bit though.

We then went to the room for toddlers and the girls were beside themselves!!  I think they played with everything in this room multiple times!!  It was hard to pull them away and move on to the next play area!!

Such concentration!

There was a cute little playground with this cute little car/truck/wagon.  Both girls wanted to drive so I hopped in back and said “Ok girls where are we going?” Jensen says “Wichita!!” We all laughed so hard!  Can you tell we go to Wichita a lot?!?!

We saw animals, crawled in tunnels and played in water and the whole time the two little boys slept!!

After about 2 hours of playing both girls were exhausted and hungry.  We decided to head outside for a picnic lunch.  Both boys were also up and ready to eat!  Once all our tummy’s were full we decided to call it a day and head home.  The kiddos were all asleep within 5 minutes, slept all the way home and even more when we got home!  We all had a great time and were so glad we took the kids out!!

And I’m pretty sure that Jensen and Ella would definitely recommend YOU visit  Science City if you get the chance!!

Celebration of Owen!!

Owen has already celebrated 2 months of life and is 10 weeks old!! We have been incredibly busy around here trying to finish his room, which I’m happy to report is almost finished!! Owen has been growing and changing everyday. Here are some of the changes we have seen in our little guy:

1. At his 2 week appt he was already 7 lbs 10 oz!! Doc took a look at his hands and said he was going to be a bog boy!!

2. Within his first month of life he was sleeping 7 hours straight overnight and continued to grow and EAT!!!

3. At 6 weeks old he really started to become aware of his surroundings, including his big sister Jensen!! He started smiling intentionally 🙂 and hasn’t stopped!! Jensen’s voice makes him smile instantly!!!

4. He is such a strong boy!!! He is holding his head up like a champ and so alert. In fact, I have nicknamed him “bright eyes” because he is always looking around with his big eyes!!

5. At 2 months old he is 11 lbs 4 oz and 23 inches long- both the 40th percentile!!! He is growing and developing perfectly!! This momma is not used to this rapid growth in height and weight!! Jensen was always in the 3rd percentile of weight and just recently at 2 jumped to the 10th percentile!!

6. Owen is sleeping each night from 9-5 and I won’t complain!! Still eating very well, smiling, giggling and making a few sounds. He definitely isn’t a babbler like his sis!!! She was babbling and cooing at 1 month old. Owen isn’t “talking” so much yet, but I have a feeling he will figure it out, especially if he ever wants to get a word in around sis!!

We feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have our baby boy Owen to complete our family!


5.10.12: Hanging out with Friends.

We braved our first road trip to grandma and grandpa’s when Owen was about 6 weeks old.  While we were visiting, we got to hang out with our wonderful friends Jimmy and Hollie, their 3 yr old son Ryder and new baby boy Boston!!  We had a great time sharing stories of life with two children and of course how we wish we could see each other more often!  Ryder and Jensen had a great time playing with the soccer ball and of course mommy made them take some pics together!!

And this was my two kids after our fun get together!!

We had a great time hanging out and can’t wait to see you guys again!!


Bye Bye April and May.

Wow have the last 2 months been a blur!!  Spending 24/7 with a 2 year old and 2 month old will definitely exhaust you, but all the fun we have been having has made the last 10 weeks disappear before my eyes!!

We have been spending a lot of time with family and friends.  Great grandma June visited in April for 2 whole weeks!!  It was soooo much fun to have her here and her two week stay went fast.  Drew and I has working really hard in the yard over the last 2 months.  We have completely changed the look of our house by simply changing the landscape in the front yard!  Our house looks 35 years younger and I’m sure it feels that way too!!  I’ll post some pics of our new landscape soon!  Jensen and I tried to plant an herb garden a few weeks ago, but unfortunately it didn’t turn out very well.  Herb gardens are to be planted in the winter….so I was a few months behind.  Plus I am pretty impatient when it comes to plants so now I know….next time we are going to plant herbs already grown, not seeds!!  And my mom has several herb plants that she is willing to share!  Here are some pics of my beautiful helper with the herb garden!!  She just loves the gloves gma D bought her and the hat that great gma June got her!

We have also been spending plenty of time with gma, gpa, aunts, uncles and cousins!!  Here are some pics from a few weeks ago when we were all hanging out!

Yay!!!  I’m also caught up to present day with my blogging!!!  To come next is a post about my baby boy and a post to recap our trip last week to Science City with cousins Ella and Erik!!