Meal Prep Mondays.

To spend more time at home with the kids and have the kids home more with Drew or I, I have been working late Mondays.  I go into work when Drew gets home, which means I don’t get home until late….usually after bedtime.  Because of this, I decided Mondays mornings were going to be used to have cooking class with the kids!  Not only is it fun, but it also provides quick dinner prep for daddy!!  It takes some preparation on my part so that everything is ready and runs smoothly.  Today Jensen and I made a new recipe: Chicken Asparagus and Mushroom Casserole.  We also whipped up some caramel brownies for dessert!  Today went pretty smoothly with Jensen being a great helper and Owen happy with just sitting in his bouncer and watching….not always the case!!

Because everything went so smoothly I was able to take some pics today of our steps in making dinner for my family tonight.

Here is my sous chef and our supervisor!

Our first layer: Asparagus and mushrooms.  Jensen helped me to snap the ends of the asparagus off and helped to spread the mushrooms.

The chicken layer

My sous chef mixing up the cream of chicken and sour cream

Final product!  Topped with bread crumbs.

Now daddy just has to bake it at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

And dessert is done!


What we’ve been up to….

Once again an entire month has gotten away from me!!  June seemed to have come and gone with the blink of an eye.  We spent a lot of time celebrating with family and friends.  We went on two different lake trips (I still have a blog to come about one of them), we celebrated father’s day, we played at the pool and Owen turned 3 months old (post to come  soon!)

Father’s Day.

I decided to make these cute little trees with the kids hand and foot prints- thanks Pinterest.  We made one for Drew, one for my father in law and one for my dad.  The one for papa D had all four grand kids hand and foot prints on it and turned out so cute!!  Jensen and I started off our day by making daddy some yummy cookies!!  Jensen was mommy’s big helper by  mixing the batter and rolling the cookies in powdered sugar and of course licking the spoon when we were done!

Then it was time to work on our tree!  I cut holes in a trash bag and put it on Jensen so that we wouldn’t get paint everywhere.   Jensen did a great job letting me paint her hands and then sticking them down on the tree.  Once she was done putting her hand prints on all of them it was Owen’s turn. I really wanted to use Owen’s hands as well because the one I was copying from Pinterest used hands.  At the last second I decided to use Owen’s feet because he still had pretty closed fists and I’m sure it would have been a disaster.  I was super excited with how they turned out!!  I added the kids names and ages under the hand/foot which was an addition of my own.  Lynette had been here helping me (thank goodness) and put a heart with  an “S” in it on the trunk of the tree.  It was also a cute addition and she made it look like it had been carved!!

Capturing Moments in Life.

I also spent a lot of June taking pictures of my growing babies!! Life with two children has definitely been an adjustment.     Before Owen arrived, I was trying to mentally prepare myself for the changes that I knew where coming: sleep deprivation, around the clock feedings, etc.  After Owen arrived the sleep deprivation didn’t bother me so much (probably because ever since having Jensen I just don’t sleep the same) it was the constant nursing.  In the first few weeks of his life I contemplated giving up and switching to formula because I felt so tied down and unable to participate in everyday activities with Jensen and Drew.  It was almost a guilty feeling that I had because so much time was spent feeding Owen that I felt I was losing time with Jensen.  After talking to the pediatrician and my mom I changed a few things and kept at it.  Feedings are spreading out now during the day and I feel like we are starting to create a nice routine – just in time for more changes I know!!  Here are some pics from the last few weeks of the two wonderful blessings in my life!  They keep me on my toes, teach me every day what love is and never cease to amaze me.

Painted nails!

Playing together!

Swinging at the park!

Sweet sleeping boy!

New bangs!!