Just thinking back……

…to when our yard looked like this! ¬†Spring was good this year, Summer was not, especially for the grass and vegetation. ūüė¶ ¬†I hope after the wonderful work of Dave and Tommy (http://www.stroebelelandscape.com/) today and the cooler temps our yard will look like this again soon!


KC Zoo Run 2012.

I am currently working on a post about our trip to Omaha, but with so many pictures on my phone, Drew’s phone plus the camera it is taking me a while! ¬†I thought for now I would share some pics from the zoo run I participated in a couple weekends ago.

Most of you know that I really enjoy running. ¬†It is the best stress reliever for me and I love to put on my running shoes and head out the door. ¬†A couple years ago I participated in my first Zoo Run here in KC. ¬†It is a 4 mile run through the zoo, pretty cool. ¬†In 2010 I had trained pretty much the whole year leading up to the big day. ¬†My goal that year was to run the entire thing without having to stop and walk. ¬†I successfully achieved that goal with a time of 40 minutes 18 seconds. ¬†I really wanted to do the run again this year, but wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it so soon after having Owen.

Eventually, I decided to go for it. ¬†My only goal set forth this year was to sign up for it and do it…..not too much pressure. ūüôā ¬†Training didn’t really go so well. ¬†With nursing Owen and HOT summer temps, I really didn’t get much running in. ¬†I did a lot of 2 mile runs when I could and finally the week before the race the temps cooled down. ¬†I was able to run 3 miles a couple times the week before race day……not ideal. ¬†With all that said, on race day I am happy to report that I was able to run the entire 4 mile course and my time was 40 minutes 6 seconds…….what?!?! ¬†Not really sure how I beat my time from 2 years ago but I’ll take it!! ¬†Maybe it was the fact that I had these two cutie-pies waiting for me at the finish line!!

After the run we hung out at the zoo for a while on what turned out to be a gorgeous day! ¬†I’m looking forward to running this race again next year!

Owen :: 6 months.


You have done so much this past month it is hard to know where to start! ¬†Your smile and giggle is contagious and you are doing a lot of giggling lately – which makes my heart melt. ¬†I always say you are my “photogenic little boy!!” ¬†Daddy can make you giggle by kissing on your cheeks (probably from all that prickly hair on his face :)) ¬†Sis makes you giggle when she plays with you and sings songs like pat-a-cake and Itsy Bitsy Spider! ¬†Mommy likes to make you giggle by kissing you, blowing on your neck and tummy and singing songs to you while bouncing you on my legs.

You are trying to figure out how those arms and legs can work together to help you move. ¬†You just recently have started to get up off of the floor on all fours – you are my strong boy!! ¬†You haven’t crawled yet, you just rock back and forth and then collapse back down to the floor. ¬†You have “inch wormed” a few times already but you mostly move backwards which makes mommy and daddy giggle. ūüôā

Daddy and I think you and your sister had your first “fight” a couple weeks ago. ¬†You were playing in your bouncer happy as can be and then sis came over and tried to turn you around to play with another toy and you yelled very loudly at her. ¬†You didn’t cry so we know she didn’t hurt you (and we were sitting right there with both of you) you just didn’t want to be moved because you were happy playing with the toy you had already chosen. ¬†HA! ¬†Daddy and I laughed so hard! ¬†Your sister really loves to play with you and show you things, but she isn’t always gentle about it.

You have really been concentrating on the things you see around you. ¬†Mommy and daddy’s faces, toys, your hands/fingers and feet especially. ¬†You are moving more and more with intention and I can see that you are trying to figure out how everything works. ¬†I love when you grab my face or my hair and smile at me like “got you mommy!” I just want to eat you up! ūüôā

You are doing pretty well sleeping in your room at night.  You have been battling allergies and/or a cold lately which has definitely impacted how well you have slept.  Mommy and daddy have spent many a nights recently rocking with you and trying to get you comfortable so that you can fall back to sleep.  Once you are quite for a while, I am up a few times a night checking in on you to make sure that you are ok.  As much as I want you to be able to sleep by yourself in your own room, mommy still struggles with being apart from you.

You are a rock star at rolling from your back to your belly….finally!! ¬†You prefer to sleep and to play on your belly and are always rolling to your belly when mommy puts you on your back. ¬†We are still working on sitting up on your own. ¬†You are making progress and can sit for a minute or so by yourself before you topple over.

I am very excited to introduce solid foods to you!  You have done rice cereal a couple of times and you have done pretty well with it.  I am going to try banana and avocado in the next couple of days.

You are such a fun,¬†snugly baby boy! ¬†I have no doubt that you and your sister are going to keep this mommy and daddy very busy and exhausted, but we wouldn’t¬†¬†want it any other way! ¬†The two of you are the greatest blessings we could have ever asked for and we love you and your sister very, very much!!

Berry Birthday Party!

I utilized Pinterest this year to gather up ideas for Jensen’s 3rd birthday party. ¬†She LOVES strawberries so initially I thought we would go with a “Strawberry Shortcake theme.” ¬†After looking around, I felt like going too crazy with the strawberry shortcake theme wasn’t really the look I was going for. ¬†I wanted to be able to create some decorations and not have the party look so “bought in a box.” ¬†Eventually, I changed the theme to “Berries” and started to create my list of to-dos!!

With my berry theme came an automatic color scheme: red = strawberries, blue = blueberries, purple = blackberries and pink = raspberries. ¬†I created a happy birthday banner and some tissue pom-poms (thanks Martha Stewart) and purchased a balloon bouquet utilizing colors from our berries. ¬†I looked around online for a cake recipe that would fit the theme but not be too over the top berry. ¬†Duncan Hines had a recipe for a chocolate and strawberry cake. ¬†I changed the recipe slightly and made the cake a double layer – one layer strawberry cake, the other layer chocolate cake. ¬†Topped it with Vanilla frosting and fresh strawberries. ¬†I also wanted to utilize my new buffet table and frame for the display table. ¬†I hung the banner on the frame and clipped lots of pictures of Jensen around it. ¬†For the buffet, I had the cake as the center piece flanked by some strawberry licorice. ¬†I created some “berry shake” recipe cards as favors. ¬†I found the simple recipes online and had a few recipe cards for each of the berries.

I really wanted to have some strawberry cookies for the party as well. ¬†I really debated whether or not to buy them or make them myself. ¬†I wanted them to be perfect and wasn’t sure I could pull it off. ¬†After recruiting my sister for help, I decided to make them. ¬†I bought a strawberry cookie cutter, some red and green frosting and some chocolate sprinkles. ¬†I made my famous sugar cookie recipe (so good) and once the cookies cooled we started to decorate them. ¬†This ended up being very time consuming and I’m so glad I had my sister here to help me. ¬†They turned out perfect!! ¬†And they tasted great too!

I also made some favor baskets.  One for Jensen, one for cousin Ella and one for our friend Malia.  I put some strawberry shortcake hair clips and tattoos in there along with some squeezable apple-berry applesauce and a couple strawberry cookies.

We had a very yummy lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs baked macaroni and cheese, veggies and berries.  I also bought a really yummy raspberry lemonade Рwhich Jensen loved!  After lunch we sang happy birthday, ate cake and ice cream and opened presents.

Little brother hanging out!

Cousin Ella had fun helping Jensen open her presents!!

Jensen was spoiled again this year by all of those that love her so much. ¬†We have the best friends and family EVER!! ¬†I’m pretty sure she had the best birthday party yet! ¬†I know when it was all over, this momma was exhausted!! ¬†But I have to say, I love planning parties and am already looking forward to my little man’s first birthday!

Fresh, Clean and Exhausted.

Life around here is soooo busy with two kids under the age of 3!! ¬†Someone always needs something, something isn’t working right, someone has to go potty, everyone is hungry, etc. ¬†I have enjoyed being back to work although my morning routine is still a work in progress. ¬†Getting everyone dressed, fed and ready for the day is not the easiest task by yourself, but we are managing. ¬†Some mornings we get out of here on time and other mornings we don’t and that is just how it is right now!!

Jensen officially started preschool at the end of July:

Watching the Sporting KC game with daddy:

Hanging out with her best friend, Ella and her uncle Tommy:

Ready for some Planet Sub:

Playing at the park:

Drawing circles and practicing letters in her jammies!! HA!:

I am still nursing my little man which is a surprise to me to be honest. ¬†I shared in one of my previous posts about Owen that in the beginning I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to nurse him beyond the first few weeks of his life. ¬†Not because of milk production, but because Owen would nurse for 45 minutes every 2 hours. ¬†That timetable was really interrupting everyday routines and missing out in some of our “normal” activities was really getting to me. ¬†Thankfully, after speaking with my mom, pediatrician and my wonderful husband, I tried some new things and kept at it. ¬†¬†I only nursed Jensen until she was 4 months and she continued to get breast milk until she was about 5.5 months old. ¬†My goal when I was pregnant with Owen was to try and nurse him until he was 6 months old. ¬†I only have about 3 weeks to go before he is 6 months so we shall see!

4 months old:

5 months old:

Hanging out:

So comfortable in daddy’s arms:

Aside from the chaos that goes with raising two little ones, Drew and I have been busy updating our home. ¬†We started outside this spring with the landscape in the front of our house. ¬†It was really looking great until the drought and of course the plants took a big hit. ¬†It appears we have lost one of the plants, but Drew is hopeful he can bring it back. ¬†Inside we have done small projects here and there. ¬†We re-did an old buffet I had when I was a teenager, we made a cute chicken-wire frame, we have been working to finalize Owen’s room and we recently started a remodel on our kitchen. ¬†Yes, my orange kitchen is no longer. ¬†I did really love it, but Drew never really did and a couple weeks ago I told him I thought I was ready for a change in there. ¬†So far we have painted the walls and the ceiling. ¬†We have a LOT of work left in the kitchen and we are ok with it being a very s l o w project. ¬†We are going to paint our cabinets and trim, change the back-splash, get new blinds and eventually update our appliances. ¬†We are starting with the less expensive things (painting) but of course they are the most time consuming! ¬†I will try to do better at taking and posting pics as we go!

Pics of Owen’s room:

This is a “buffet” that my parents bought for me when I was in high school. ¬†At that time, I painted it two shades of green and used it as a dresser. ¬†I recently painted it a glossy white and put new crystal knobs on it. ¬†I LOVE it and am using it in my living room to store games and toys for the kids.

Hanging above my new buffet is a frame I refinished using some purple spray paint and chicken wire. ¬†I found this craft idea on another blog and was so excited because I had this large frame I bought for $4 at a garage sale 2 years ago that I still hadn’t done anything with! ¬†It turned out great and now I can display the Jensen’s artwork and pictures of the family!

Pics of my new wall and ceiling colors in the kitchen:

Our living room is getting a fresh new coat of white paint as I type so I hope to have some pics up soon!

Whew….until next time!!