Drew and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary earlier this month and a few days later we celebrated Drew’s birthday.  We had a great time seeing friends and family for Drew’s day and his mother made him his favorite breakfast!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!

We have also been celebrating accomplishments of our little man over the last few weeks.  Owen is sitting up on his own (for the most part) and on the move!!  He is sooooo close to having an “official” crawl.  He is still mostly inch worming around, but occasionally we have noticed that he moves his arms and legs just right for one move.  I have a feeling it won’t be long before my baby is crawling around my house 😦  what?!?!  He is supposed to be my “baby!”



Right along side all of this movement, Owen is also saying his first word – “dada!”  The first time he said it was on Drew’s bday!!  What a nice gift!  It sure is sweet to hear him say it – even though I am sure I have heard Owen say “mama” when he is crying 😉

We also celebrating Grandparents Day at the end of September!  My parents got to go with Jensen to her classroom one morning to see all the fun she has!  My dad got some really good pics while he and my mom were there together so I will add those photos to this post when I get them.  I went to pick my mom up and snapped a pic of my own.  Jensen had so much fun showing her grandma and papa around!!



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