Costumes and more!

Here are some pics of the kiddos on Halloween night in their costumes!  It was pretty chilly that night, so we weren’t out for long.  I thought with this post I would also give some updates on what these two kiddos are up to these days.


My little girl is very independent these days, but can still be very sweet when she wants to be!  These are the things that keep her busy theses days:

1. She loves playing “mommy” with all of her baby dolls and her baby brother.  She will push her dolls around the house in their stroller and use all of Owen’s baby things (bumbo, highchair, binkis) to keep her babies happy.  When you ask her what her baby’s name is she usually says Ella or aunt Laura and sometimes she still will say uncle dave……so silly!

2. She loves to sing and perform.  She is always using the remote as a microphone and has asked Santa for a guitar this year for Christmas!

3.  She is doing so well writing letters.  Her teachers say that she loves writing in her journal.

4.  Her favorite food these days is chicken nuggets.  When asked what she would like to eat she always says chicken nuggets.  My picky little eater chooses to have a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as well!

5.  She loves watching movies.  Her favorites right now are Puss in Boats, Secret of the Wings and TinTin.  The other night at dinner she told Drew and I that she wanted to kiss TinTin…lol!!  Drew looked over at me and said “you don’t even know him.”  She smiled and I told Drew “and so it begins.”


My sweet baby boy has changed so much in the last couple of months.  He is such an easy going baby, which is a good thing because his sister brings lots of drama these days!

Here is what Owen has been up to lately:

1. Since turning 7 months in October, he is officially crawling all over the house!  I definitely have to watch him like crazy and make sure that all stairs are blocked and all of Jensen’s small toys are up off of the floor.

2.  In the last couple of weeks he has been pulling himself up on to everything, including me when I am sitting on the floor!  Amazing how strong he is!!

3.  He is cutting all of his bottom teeth at once.  Poor baby and poor mama!  Needless to say, neither one of us has been sleeping very well over the last few weeks.

4.  He continues to eat like a horse!  We are pretty much feeding him anything and everything.  He loves oatmeal with banana, but he has yet to turn down anything we have given him.  He has had pears, green beans, sweet potatoes, turkey, chicken, yogurt and applesauce to name a few.  He also drinks about 6-7 oz of milk every 3-4 hours.  Some days I’m left wondering where he puts all of that food!

5.  He loves music……go figure!  Owen will sway to the music we play….quite cute.  I remember Jensen did this same thing when she was about his age.  His favorite songs are ABCs and pat-a-cake and he really likes when Jensen sings those songs to him.

6.  He is doing a lot of babbling and really trying to say words.  He is saying “dada” pretty much all the time.  I have tried to get him to say mama, but no luck yet.  I keep reminding him that “mama” is the one up taking care of him in the middle of the night! lol!

These two kiddos provide me with so much to be thankful for.  I love them so much more than I could ever express.


Tot Terror Twenty-Twelve.

This year’s Halloween party was sooooo much fun!!  We changed things up a bit this year and invited lots of our friends over for coloring, painting and eating of course!!  Laura helped me with hosting and we wanted to be sure we had plenty for all the kids to do so we had a pumpkin painting station, a cookie creation station, a crafting station and a pinata.  We offered a “soup” bar: chicken noodle, taco soup and potato soup.  We asked each guest to bring a sweet treat to share.

I had Lynette help me again with making my Halloween banner.  I gave her all the materials and ideas and she worked her magic to create it!  I was so pleased with the final product!!  Lynette gave me the idea of a “photo wall” using scrapbook paper.  I was so pleased with how it turned out as well!  Because the temp was pretty cold that evening, we ended up having most of our activities and the photo booth inside, but it worked!  I will say, I had a lot of hay all over my house though!

Our pumpkins we decorated about a week before the party that greeted our guests!

We had a great turn out of both “old” and “new” friends!!  We feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends to share this life with!!  I believe our party was a HUGE success in great part to everyone that came to celebrate with us!  And of course, this mama is already excited for next year’s party!!






Such a great party!!  Thanks to all of our family and friends for being here to make it great!  Next up, pics of Jensen and Owen on Halloween!!