Farmer’s Market – Style Recipes.

The farmer’s market is in full swing and this family is loving it!  We have frequented our local market several times already this summer and I’m not sure who is more excited for early Saturday mornings – the kids or Drew and I! HA!  Though our market offers a decent variety and reasonable prices, I would like to venture out one of these weekends and hit up the big River Market Farmers Market downtown.

The market is usually very busy with a lot going on so I have yet to snap any photos of us in action, but I will try to get some photos taken soon.  Jensen has absolutely LOVED everything about it.  She enjoys the music (she was so excited to tip the performers this past weekend) and walking around to the different vendors helping mommy and daddy pick out the best looking produce.  She has also enjoyed being able to pick out her own “treat” and pay for it herself! My little jenbug loves helping me cook as well.  Here she is in action helping me stir our veggies!


For me, the most exciting thing about going to the market is all the prep work I’m doing in advance.  Each week I am creating meal plans/recipes so that our outting at the market is efficient.  I’m using the internet to find healthy/farmers market recipes and I’m happy to report that it is going pretty well.  I of course have been purusing various magazines and blogs as well which has also been helpful.  Most of the meals I end up tweeking a bit to fit the needs/wants of our family.  We have had several very yummy meals (and unfortunately I have not snapped pics of all of them)!

Farmer’s Market Pasta Salad:








Ground Turkey Zucchini Boats:


Chicken, Mushroom, Onion Pizza:

White Pizza close

Spicy BBQ pork chop with mashed chive potatoes and fried okra.  YUM-O!

_ap55YDFUEJ49xR-OrMb2VcfvNtb5y4t4y9vENHQrYw Steak, tomato, mozarella, basil salad


My variation of a white bean, olive, pasta dish












I hope you have been out enjoying your local markets as well!!