Celebrating EARTH.

Before heading outside for our Earth day fun, Jensen colored a picture of the Earth while Owen was taking his morning nap.  She was sooo excited to show it to Drew when he came home from work that she came running inside and pulled it off the refrigerator.

Technically our celebration started on Sunday night when daddy planted new flowers around the house.


Once we got outside it was all about drawing with sidewalk chalk, playing and taking a walk!  I asked Jensen to assist me in drawing all the things we love about the Earth.  She decided we would draw a sun, some grass, the sky (we drew clouds) and flowers.  Owen pretty much walked up and down the driveway the whole time and then played with his cars.

We ended our celebration with a stroll in the neighborhood.  Of course we had to go inside the house to grab snacks and Jensen’s purse before we could head out – ha!  These kiddos LOVE being outside and it was a very nice morning to be out!







Just thinking back……

…to when our yard looked like this!  Spring was good this year, Summer was not, especially for the grass and vegetation. 😦  I hope after the wonderful work of Dave and Tommy (http://www.stroebelelandscape.com/) today and the cooler temps our yard will look like this again soon!

Fresh, Clean and Exhausted.

Life around here is soooo busy with two kids under the age of 3!!  Someone always needs something, something isn’t working right, someone has to go potty, everyone is hungry, etc.  I have enjoyed being back to work although my morning routine is still a work in progress.  Getting everyone dressed, fed and ready for the day is not the easiest task by yourself, but we are managing.  Some mornings we get out of here on time and other mornings we don’t and that is just how it is right now!!

Jensen officially started preschool at the end of July:

Watching the Sporting KC game with daddy:

Hanging out with her best friend, Ella and her uncle Tommy:

Ready for some Planet Sub:

Playing at the park:

Drawing circles and practicing letters in her jammies!! HA!:

I am still nursing my little man which is a surprise to me to be honest.  I shared in one of my previous posts about Owen that in the beginning I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to nurse him beyond the first few weeks of his life.  Not because of milk production, but because Owen would nurse for 45 minutes every 2 hours.  That timetable was really interrupting everyday routines and missing out in some of our “normal” activities was really getting to me.  Thankfully, after speaking with my mom, pediatrician and my wonderful husband, I tried some new things and kept at it.   I only nursed Jensen until she was 4 months and she continued to get breast milk until she was about 5.5 months old.  My goal when I was pregnant with Owen was to try and nurse him until he was 6 months old.  I only have about 3 weeks to go before he is 6 months so we shall see!

4 months old:

5 months old:

Hanging out:

So comfortable in daddy’s arms:

Aside from the chaos that goes with raising two little ones, Drew and I have been busy updating our home.  We started outside this spring with the landscape in the front of our house.  It was really looking great until the drought and of course the plants took a big hit.  It appears we have lost one of the plants, but Drew is hopeful he can bring it back.  Inside we have done small projects here and there.  We re-did an old buffet I had when I was a teenager, we made a cute chicken-wire frame, we have been working to finalize Owen’s room and we recently started a remodel on our kitchen.  Yes, my orange kitchen is no longer.  I did really love it, but Drew never really did and a couple weeks ago I told him I thought I was ready for a change in there.  So far we have painted the walls and the ceiling.  We have a LOT of work left in the kitchen and we are ok with it being a very s l o w project.  We are going to paint our cabinets and trim, change the back-splash, get new blinds and eventually update our appliances.  We are starting with the less expensive things (painting) but of course they are the most time consuming!  I will try to do better at taking and posting pics as we go!

Pics of Owen’s room:

This is a “buffet” that my parents bought for me when I was in high school.  At that time, I painted it two shades of green and used it as a dresser.  I recently painted it a glossy white and put new crystal knobs on it.  I LOVE it and am using it in my living room to store games and toys for the kids.

Hanging above my new buffet is a frame I refinished using some purple spray paint and chicken wire.  I found this craft idea on another blog and was so excited because I had this large frame I bought for $4 at a garage sale 2 years ago that I still hadn’t done anything with!  It turned out great and now I can display the Jensen’s artwork and pictures of the family!

Pics of my new wall and ceiling colors in the kitchen:

Our living room is getting a fresh new coat of white paint as I type so I hope to have some pics up soon!

Whew….until next time!!