Baseball at the K Baby.

A couple weekends ago we took the kids to their first Royals game of the season.  Jensen has been asking to go back ever since her and I went to a game last year, just the two of us, shortly after Owen was born.  Everytime we drive by the stadium on the highway she sees the KC on the giant megatron display and says “I want to go there again mom, to KC.” Ha! It cracks me up everytime.

The game was a Saturday at 6:10pm so we had a pretty relaxing day before hand that consisted of playing around the house and making sure everyone got a good nap!  We decided to “tailgate” at the game with Jimmy John sandwiches for Drew and I and peanut butter and jelly for J and O.  We packed other goodies as well to help us get through the game……animal crackers, fruit snacks, apples.

We purchased cheap tickets because we were fairly certain there wouldn’t be a whole lot of actual game watching going on.  Once in the stadium we had to take 2 escalators up to our seats.  That was Jensen’s favorite part of the night.  In fact, we took the escalators 6 times that night with all of our walking around!  We were able to sit in our seats for the first couple of innings with Jensen asking to walk around the ENTIRE time and us continuing to promise her that we would very soon.

Of course the first place Jensen wanted to go were the fountains.  She LOVES the fountains.  She will occassionally call them “Mountains” and to be honest, it is hard to correct her sometimes because I find it so cute and hilarious!  Drew was not too thrilled that we did a lot of walking around, but I took Jensen over to the playground for a bit so that daddy and Owen could take in some of the game.  After walking around and buying a pretzel and some drinks we were able to talk Jensen into going up and finding some seats to sit in for the rest of the game.  Honestly, both kids did great at the game.  Owen pretty much snuggled with me under a blanket the entire time and Jensen played around and snacked in the seats that surrounded us – good thing the game wasn’t completely packed!

The Royals ended up losing by 1 run that night but the weather was beautiful!  We are already planning our next trip out to the K!!






Pumpkin Patch 2012.

We made it out to the pumpkin patch this year!  Jensen had a blast playing, riding out to the pumpkin patch on the tractor pull and searching for the perfect pumpkin!  I’m excited for next year when Owen can run around too instead of riding around in the stroller the whole time.





Jensen was brave this year and actually fed the goats!!  I couldn’t believe it when I saw her pick up the food and let the goat eat it out of her hand!







We found 4 perfect pumpkins!  I could tell it had been a great day because both kids fell asleep on the way home!

KC Zoo Run 2012.

I am currently working on a post about our trip to Omaha, but with so many pictures on my phone, Drew’s phone plus the camera it is taking me a while!  I thought for now I would share some pics from the zoo run I participated in a couple weekends ago.

Most of you know that I really enjoy running.  It is the best stress reliever for me and I love to put on my running shoes and head out the door.  A couple years ago I participated in my first Zoo Run here in KC.  It is a 4 mile run through the zoo, pretty cool.  In 2010 I had trained pretty much the whole year leading up to the big day.  My goal that year was to run the entire thing without having to stop and walk.  I successfully achieved that goal with a time of 40 minutes 18 seconds.  I really wanted to do the run again this year, but wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it so soon after having Owen.

Eventually, I decided to go for it.  My only goal set forth this year was to sign up for it and do it…..not too much pressure. 🙂  Training didn’t really go so well.  With nursing Owen and HOT summer temps, I really didn’t get much running in.  I did a lot of 2 mile runs when I could and finally the week before the race the temps cooled down.  I was able to run 3 miles a couple times the week before race day……not ideal.  With all that said, on race day I am happy to report that I was able to run the entire 4 mile course and my time was 40 minutes 6 seconds…….what?!?!  Not really sure how I beat my time from 2 years ago but I’ll take it!!  Maybe it was the fact that I had these two cutie-pies waiting for me at the finish line!!

After the run we hung out at the zoo for a while on what turned out to be a gorgeous day!  I’m looking forward to running this race again next year!

Science City.

A couple Fridays ago we had our first trip to science city!!  We were actually wanting to go to the zoo that day, but found out only 1 section of it was open that day because they were setting up for a fundraiser.  Laura had heard science city would be fun for toddlers so we decided to give it a try!!  So me and my two kids, Laura and her two kids and Rachel all met up at science city.

On our way we had to walk through the gift shop so we stopped and had a little fun!

Next were the model roller coasters!  The girls loved this!!

The girls had an absolute blast!!  It was such a neat place with so much to do!! We started with playing music.  There were barrel drums, chimes and a piano on the floor that the girls loved walking on!!

Jensen is a huge dinosaur fan so we had to stop and take a pic with the dilophasaurus!!  There was also this really cool dinosaur fossil dig that Jensen loved!!  We were all surprised by how hesitant our little dare devil, Ella, was with it.  She didn’t really take much interest at first with playing in the sand and wanted her shoes cleaned out right away!!  We did talk her into playing in there for a bit though.

We then went to the room for toddlers and the girls were beside themselves!!  I think they played with everything in this room multiple times!!  It was hard to pull them away and move on to the next play area!!

Such concentration!

There was a cute little playground with this cute little car/truck/wagon.  Both girls wanted to drive so I hopped in back and said “Ok girls where are we going?” Jensen says “Wichita!!” We all laughed so hard!  Can you tell we go to Wichita a lot?!?!

We saw animals, crawled in tunnels and played in water and the whole time the two little boys slept!!

After about 2 hours of playing both girls were exhausted and hungry.  We decided to head outside for a picnic lunch.  Both boys were also up and ready to eat!  Once all our tummy’s were full we decided to call it a day and head home.  The kiddos were all asleep within 5 minutes, slept all the way home and even more when we got home!  We all had a great time and were so glad we took the kids out!!

And I’m pretty sure that Jensen and Ella would definitely recommend YOU visit  Science City if you get the chance!!