Lake Trip #2.

We were lucky enough this summer to take two amazing lake trips.  The first I blogged about a few weeks back.  The second lake trip we took was with my in-laws and the kiddos to a home we rented on Lake of the Ozarks (mile marker 78.)

We left on a Thursday morning and got to our home around lunch time.  Once we got everything unpacked, we settled right in, had lunch and put on our swimsuits!!  The home was great and very comfortable for us.  5 bedrooms total, upstairs were two bathrooms, kitchen, living room and sunroom.  Downstairs were two bedrooms, a bar and living area and access to the patio and dock.  Drew and I got the big master bedroom upstairs.  We thought Jensen might sleep in her own room, but of course Jensen and Owen both slept in our bed with us the whole weekend.  We had two other bedrooms upstairs that were unoccupied – maybe Jensen will sleep in her own room next year!  Gma and Gpa Schauner slept in a room downstairs.

It was such a relaxing and wonderful trip.  We grilled most of our meals and hung out on the dock the whole time.  We played games, watched movies and ate way too much!!  When Sunday came around none of us wanted to leave.

We have already decided that we are going back again next year and maybe we will stay a few days longer!!

After we arrived on Thursday we immediately put our swimsuits on and Jensen and gma went downstairs to play air hockey.  Jensen had never played before and she loved it!!  She had to stand on the cooler to play though!

View of our home from the dock

View we had looking out from the house and dock

My girl at the end of the first busy day.  After daddy finished taking pictures she asked if she could go to bed!  Ha!  She had never done that before either!

My little man Owen.  He turned 3 months old the day we arrived at the lake!

The girls hanging out on the porch swing

Hanging out on the dock

Our last day.  Of course we wanted to be sure and get a group pic!

Looking forward to lake trip 2013…..who is in???


Lake Trips: Part 1.

This is the fourth year that we have taken a summer weekend trip to Kris’s family lake house.  We have been down there with several combinations of the family, but this time it was a trip with only the Johnsons and Schauners.  We took this exact trip back in 2008 but this time our little group had doubled in size!!  We arrived on Friday afternoon and immediately put on the swim suits and headed down to the lake.

Ella and Jensen sure are cute and a little bit naughty!!  They were playing like best friends one minute and fighting like sisters the next!  They certainly kept us busy over the weekend!!  Both girls got in the lake and played in the swimming pool (of freezing cold water) all weekend!!

Having all four kids with us meant there wasn’t too much time for relaxation, unless everyone was sleeping, but it was so fun having all of them with us.  We did a lot of hanging out on the dock, having great conversation, laughing and playing referee with Ella and Jensen!  Needless to say, the boys were pretty wonderful the whole weekend….you know…..feeding every 2 hours, fussy when not being held or eating, etc! HA!!  It will be so much fun to take these boys to the lake as they get older…..oh and probably A LOT more work!!

We had delicious food, mostly grilled of course!  Each family was responsible for lunch and dinner each day.  Here is a pic of all of us (minus the photographer) eating dinner on Saturday night.  Works perfect for us every time!!

It is always sad when the cars are packed up and it is time to head home.  We took one last pic – a group shot – right outside the lake house before we left.  This was another great lake trip with some of the best company anyone could ask for!!  Looking forward to doing it again…..which may be sooner than later!!!