Baby Zoie.

My beautiful niece, Zoie, was born on Thursday, April 11th around 5:30pm.  She weighed in at 7 lbs and was 18.5 inches long with a head of dark hair……which has been a common theme with all the babies in this family!

I was fortunate to be able to take the day off and be there with Rach during her labor and delivery.  It was one of the best days of my life to be there for the birth of Zoie!  And Rachel did an AMAZING job through the entire process.  We love baby Zoie soooo much!!


2013-04-11 17.41.04








4.5.2012: Cousin Erik Arrives!!

On Thursday, April 5th our family welcomed Erik into the family!! He weighed 7 lbs 1 oz was 20.5 inches long with a head of dark hair!!  We all had to laugh because his stats were almost exactly the same as Owen’s!!  Erik joins big sister Ella and we are all so happy he is here happy and healthy!!

Congratulations Kris, Laura and Ella!! He is precious!!

3.21.2012: Owen’s Birth Day!

Tuesday, March 20th

4:30PM: Feeling a lot of pressure as I lay on the couch watching tv with Jensen.  I mention it to Drew and he says “Are you having contractions?”  I wasn’t sure at that point, but I knew that I was uncomfortable.

7PM: Giving Jensen a bath I am still feeling lots of pressure and not able to finish giving Jensen a bath.  Drew tells me to go lay down and start timing my contractions.

8PM: Pretty sure at this point I am having contractions!  Coming pretty steadily every 10-15 minutes.  Continue to lay on the couch and time them.

9PM: Contractions coming every 5-7 min now and I am starting to wonder if I am going to make it through the night or if we needed to start making plans to go to the hospital.  I tell Drew that we should go upstairs and try to get some sleep.

9:40PM: There is no way I am sleeping!!  Contractions every 5 min and getting more intense.  Drew and I decide it is best to go ahead and call my mom to see if she can come down to stay the night because we are pretty sure we will be going to the hospital soon!

10:20PM: Mom is at the house, Rachel and Tommy are on their way down to Lees Summit and Drew and I are on our way to the hospital!

11:00 PM: I am in my hospital room, gowned, getting my i.v. and of course my contractions have slowed down to about every 10-15 minutes.  At this point I am about 3 cm dilated.

11:30PM: Nurse tells me that she has spoken with the doctor and I will not be able to get an epidural until I there is progress in my dilation.  I’m hoping something changes soon because though my contractions have spread out some, it doesn’t feel good!

12:30PM: Nurse checks me again and I am dilated to 4 cm.  Doctor says I may have my epidural and I gladly accept!!  🙂

1:20PM:  I am a happy girl with my epidural and foley (no more bladder pain) and ready to try and get some sleep!

Wednesday, March 21st

6:45AM: Nurse comes in and tells me that the plan is to start some pitocin, but it won’t be until my new nurse starts her shift.

7:30AM: My new nurse, Stephanie (who I was lucky enough to have my entire hospital stay) was fabulous!!  She got my pitocin started and again we had progress!   I was dilated to about 7 cm.

8:40AM: I was fully dilated and it was time to push!!  Rachel, Lynette and Drew were the ones staying in for the delivery this time.  Mom, Jensen and Tommy went out to wait.

9:06AM: We welcomed our beautiful baby boy, Owen!!  He was 7 lbs, 19 3/4 inches with dark hair.  He was perfect!!

Here are pictures from Owen’s birth day!!  We were so happy to welcome him to our family!!

Not sure what to think at first…..

….but it didn’t take long for her to fall in love with him!

Happy aunt Rachel and uncle Tommy

Aunt Lynette and Uncle Dave – guardians of Jensen and Owen if something ever happens to Drew and I.

Proud Grandma Schauner

We brought Owen home Friday, March 23rd around 10AM.  That afternoon we did a quick photo shoot!

We certainly feel blessed!!  We love our precious little boy and our beautiful girl!!

Way Behind and 1 month old!!

Well hello everyone! I apologize for being MIA for such a long while!!  Lots of things have been happening over the last few weeks that have kept me from my blog.  I have Laura’s baby shower, Owen’s birth, cousin Erik’s birth, Easter and a few other posts I need to put together. 

For today I will post pics of Mr Owen turning 1 month old!!  As usual time is flying and it is hard to believe how much Owen has changed and grown over his first month of life.  He loves to eat and is growing like a weed!!  I’m not sure how much he weighs but at his 2 week appointment he was 7 lbs 10 oz and 20.25 inches long – both in the 25th percentile!!  Big difference in comparison to his sister who has always been in the 3rd percentile!!  We have his 2 month appointment in May and I can’t wait to see his stats!

I promise I will try to get all caught up soon!  For now, please enjoy the pics of Owen’s first month!!


7 lbs and 19 1/4 inches!

A few days old

A few weeks old

1 month old

And of course I can’t forget my sweet girl


Congrats Lynette and Dave!!

On Friday, November 25th Lynette and Dave got married!  They had a very small, intimate ceremony and had the whole group in tears with their vows.

Walking down the aisle

We love you both so much!!  We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!!


A few weeks ago Drew and I found out that baby number 2 is going to be a boy!!  We are so excited!!  Jensen is slowly starting to understand and really had fun going to the ultrasound and listening to the heart beat.  She touches my belly saying “baby brother-sister” and “boom boom” (for the heartbeat)!

We are also excited that my sister is also pregnant with a little boy!!  It is so great that our daughters are 9 months apart and our little boys are scheduled to be only 2 weeks apart!!


Joplin 2011.

The tragic tornado that hit Joplin on May 21, 2011 touched many of our lives.  Stories and pictures of destruction were being shared over facebook and how this EF-5 tornado was affecting peoples lives was becoming very real.  I immediately felt the urge to help.  Jensen and I put together a donation of water, baby formula, soap, etc and dropped it by a local church that was collecting donations for the tornado victims.  Through the School of Pharmacy I was also able to volunteer and spend 2 days in Joplin helping out.  I currently have two students on rotation and my coworker also had a couple students on rotation.   We all decided to sign up and head down to Joplin.

The destruction was unreal.  Pictures really don’t compare to seeing it in person.  We were all eager to get out and start working.

Out of respect to the victims of this disaster, we didn’t spend too much time taking pictures of the destruction.  We did however take some pics of the massive piles we sorted while we were there.

I’m so glad I was able to go down to Joplin and help out.  My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, families and friends of those dealing with the devastation as you rebuild and start over.

10/01/2005….Happy 5 Year Anniversary Drewby!

Today Drew and I celebrate 5 years of marriage!  We celebrated 11 years together this past June…..cRaZy!!!

I couldn’t ask for a better partner to share my life with…….you really do complete me!  This past year has been particularly special for us because we welcomed our first child into the world and I’m sure we both agree that she has definitely changed our lives, but it has been so much fun.  It’s amazing how much you think you love someone and then you have a child and the love you have cannot even be expressed with enough words!!

For this post, I went back through my photos from the last year and chose a few of my favorites.  I’m looking forward to many more wonderful years with you and perhaps, if we are lucky, another little addition to our family!

Thank you for all that you are, all that you do and all of the love and support you have for me and our beautiful baby girl!


Haiti Tragedy Personalized.

As most of you are aware, I work with pharmacy students as part of my University responsibilities.  Along with that responsibility, I am contracted to provide pharmacy services to the Research Family Medicine Residency Program at Research Medical Center.  In addition to working with pharmacy students, I work with many Family Medicine Residents.  Over the last two years, I got to know a resident, who has since graduated and now practices in southeastern KS as a family physician, Rachel Stevens.

Dr. Stevens recently came back to KC for a visit she wished she didn’t have to make – to update everyone on the destruction her parents are facing in Haiti.

Rachel Stevens parents have lived in Haiti for over 11 years.  Her father, a physician, her mother, a nurse, invested their life savings in a tiny patch of land and set up a not-for-profit Haiti Health Ministries Inc. medical clinic “Christianville” about 40 minutes west of Port-au-Prince.  They, along with a physician assistant and 3 other Haitian physicians, have been providing medical care for more than 25,000 patients.  The recent earthquake destroyed their clinic, most of their medical supplies and their home is uninhabitable.

Rachel came back to KC from her recent trip to Haiti and is asking for any financial support you can give.  Her parents are dedicated to their work in Haiti and are doing what they can to start rebuilding as they continue to care for the sick and wounded with the medical supplies they have.

Red Cross and UNICEF, to name a couple, are doing a great job, but according to Rachel Stevens, the help is slow to arrive and their are many people in need – a very devastating situation.  I am pasting her local story printed in “The Kansas City Star” and information if you would like to give to their cause.  Visit and help Rachel Stevens and her family as they push forward to help the Haitian people and rebuild their medical clinic.

Thank you.


Kansas couple lose clinic in Haiti, but not their will

The Kansas City Star

The great roar sounded like the end of the world.

At first Jim and Sandy Wilkins thought the shaking was coming from the generator for their second-floor apartment in Gressier, Haiti. Then ceiling tiles began to drop and the floor cracked apart. They leaped to safety through a hole that had opened in the wall.

Within minutes, the first truckload of injured arrived at what was left of their medical clinic.

The victims were mostly children, Sandy Wilkins, 54, wrote in a text message to her family in southeast Kansas. Gruesome injuries: crushed skulls, torn-off limbs. Tiny children, some dead, some paralyzed forever.

“Six people died in our immediate work. Many more will. Many open fractures. Two little girls paralyzed, horrible lacerations that you cannot imagine. … They come in droves, desperate for help. … We had only two docs, although our eye doc is sewing up head lacerations. … We are exhausted. We have almost no supplies and medicines left. Please pray for us.”

Sandy, a nurse, and Jim, 59, a family physician, moved to Gressier from Girard, Kan., 11 years ago.

Haiti needs us, they told friends and family. They had been on medical missions to many places, but Haiti grabbed their hearts.

Investing their life savings in a tiny patch of land, they set up a clinic in the area nicknamed Christianville, west of Port-au-Prince. They embraced the hardships of their new home.

Just last year, their nonprofit Haiti Health Ministries Inc. treated more than 25,000 patients. A typical day began with people lining up at 4 a.m. to see a doctor.

Now the clinic is destroyed, along with medical equipment that took years to buy. Their supplies of medicine are buried under rubble.

But patients keep coming.

Daughter Rachel Stevens, 29, a family physician, learned about the earthquake in a phone call from a friend. Within the hour, three more friends had called. The first news reports were sketchy.

Everyone waited hours to hear anything more.

“I have cried more in the last 24 hours than in my entire life,” Stevens said.

Finally, word came from another missionary, alerting her and her sister that their parents were safe.

“We’re so relieved to hear they’re OK, but the physical and emotional toll this is taking. … They are seeing things people shouldn’t see.”

Stevens, her husband and her younger sister, Amanda Lehman, a nurse, are organizing medical supplies and physicians to go to Haiti. Both daughters have spent hours on the telephone and online, trying without luck to arrange transport.

They hope to get to their parents, with supplies, in the next week, Stevens said.

“Right now, the most pressing issues they have are survival. There is no clean water. They’re boiling whatever they can with a small amount of the fuel they have left. They need food, water, clothing. People need surgeries, but they can’t do it without supplies. And without supplies, they’re only able to do basic first aid.”

She knows her parents are triaging each patient, working with those they can, trying to ease the pain of those they know will not survive. Difficult decisions that must be made in a disaster, she said.

“They’re focusing on saving who they can save … but the basics of this country are gone. … Everything’s gone. They’ll need a lot of help to rebuild what they had.”

Stevens, a University of Kansas graduate, worked at Research Medical Center before moving back to southeast Kansas three years ago to practice family medicine.

Last year her best friend, Amber Botros, a family physician from Kansas City, worked two weeks at the Christianville clinic. Botros returned home changed by her time in Haiti.

“The Wilkinses are amazing people,” Botros said. “They devoted their lives to helping the people of Haiti. In the two weeks I was there I saw so many illnesses and injuries, sick people who, if they were here, would be immediately admitted to a hospital.

“But there, you have to perform bedside surgeries. … Everyone was so appreciative. What the Wilkinses are doing with their lives, showing love like that, is absolutely amazing. This is a time when they need our love and support.”

The details
Haiti Health Ministries Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Its address is P.O. Box 175, Girard, KS 66743. It’s Web address is